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Spring 2021 Issue

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The Path of Most Resilience

Students, alumni and faculty discuss the mindsets and strategies that have seen them through life’s pivotal moments during COVID-19.

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From Classroom to Colleague

The bonds between teacher and student have no expiration date. Some alumni can even count their former professors as colleagues and friends.

Meet Laura, Will and Isaura

Photos of three Bentley alumni and their four faculty mentors
Photo of alumna Lisa Raiche

The PROfile: Lisa Raiche, MST ’05

The alumna co-founded mentoring platform wiseHer to help other women grow companies and careers. Her own résumé offers advice and inspiration to spare.

Meet Lisa

Campus News

Welcoming a New Leader

A six-month national search has brought Bentley its ninth president. E. LaBrent Chrite takes on the role with strong commitments to social justice and economic empowerment, and 25-plus years of leadership in higher education.

Meet Brent

Photo of Bentley president-elect Brent Chrite
Photo of Bentley president-elect E. LaBrent Chrite
The beauty of business lies in its ability to create solutions to human problems.
Dr. E. LaBrent Chrite
President-Elect, Bentley University

A Fall Like No Other? Let Us Count the Ways.

Statistics reflect the period August 31 to December 20, unless otherwise noted. 

Moving Up

Bentley programs on tap for spring and fall 2021 focus on skill building for young professionals. 

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Black at Bentley Movement Earns Leadership Award

The university’s 35th annual MLK Jr. Day celebration recognized Black at Bentley and the movement’s alumnae principals. 

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Pushing Forward on Racial Justice

The national response to Black Lives Matter and activism by students, alumni, faculty and staff have spurred initiatives across the university.

Catch up with work by the Racial Justice Task Force and the new Bentley Mosaic Alumni Council. 

Take Two: Home Sweet Office?

Explore the present and future of remote work with Lecturer in Management Susan Vroman and Alan Hubbard ’83, MBA ’92 of the National Telecommuting Institute.

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Five Things

Clarissa Sawyer of Natural and Applied Sciences on giving yourself a timeout, admitting to vulnerability and other ways to build resilience.

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Photo of faculty member Clarissa Sawyer
Within teams, admitting to fears and insecurities allows people to trust in each other. This creates a support system to help us get through tough times.
Clarissa Sawyer
Lecturer, Natural and Applied Sciences

Alumni News

Inside Job: Making Stars Align

Kristin Nava ’01, MSFP ’02 pulls back the curtain on being a talent agent for clients who are familiar faces in movies and on TV. 

Meet Kristin

Family Matters: Familiar Trail, New Direction

A hike in Spain led J.D. McPhee, MSA ’19 to follow his father, John ’83, to Bentley and a career at KPMG.

Meet John and J.D.


Distancing Wedding

“I do” in the Year of Social Distancing . . . The promise “for better, for worse” took on new meaning in 2020. Jasmin Sultana ’09 of Paris and Jonathan Rousselle were married on October 3 in the French region of Picardie. 

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