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Image of Bentley President Alison Davis-Blake

Bentley Named One of the Top Women-Led Businesses in Massachusetts

Kristen Walsh

Above: Bentley University President Alison Davis-Blake

Bentley students are learning by example when it comes to successful women in business. Bentley was named to The Boston Globe 2019 Top 100 Women-Led Businesses in Massachusetts list, noting consecutive female leaders: President Alison Davis-Blake and Former President Gloria Cordes Larson. But it’s not just a testament to the two presidents; it’s a reflection of principles being taught to students.  

 “The work that we’re doing now in our Center for Women and Business and across campus to support the growth of young women is so important to the future of industry and society,” says Davis-Blake. “As the business world evolves, companies will only begin to reach their potential when women and all members of society are allowed equal representation. To promote equity in the workplace, we must today give young women the tools and training they need to succeed and foster inclusive organizations.” 

To promote equity in the workplace, we must today give young women the tools and training they need to succeed and foster inclusive organizations
Alison Davis-Blake

The mission of supporting young women to become leaders is at the core of many initiatives at Bentley. The Gloria Cordes Larson Center for Women and Business (CWB) offers training to advance women and foster diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. The Office of Gender and Sexuality Student Programs partners with the CWB to offer the Women's Leadership Program, a four-year program of workshops, mentor circles and corporate visits to help build awareness and foster confidence. The Office of Undergraduate Admission hosts the Women’s Leadership Summit, a day-long professional development program with an impressive lineup of women speakers.

 “It’s empowering to work and study alongside so many successful women,” says Marketing major Emily Larson ’20. “Bentley’s leadership programs for women are inspiring and have helped me navigate college life while preparing me for a career in business.”  

Center For Women and Business Advances Women & Workplace Diversity

The message of inclusion and empowerment has a broad reach. Bentley Brave, for example, is a series of events and programs offered to provide meaningful opportunities for education, conversation and reflection on topics like race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, ability and socio-economic status. Men of Alliance is a group of students, faculty and staff who take the Men of Alliance Pledge and commit to meaningful action against gender bias and discrimination. 

 “Diversity is one of Bentley University’s core values, and I’m proud to see the many ways differences are not only supported but celebrated in our community,” Davis-Blake says. “Beyond a value, building and sustaining a diverse and inclusive community is a central tenet of our new strategic plan, one that is owned directly by my office given its importance to the success of our university. Keeping these initiatives at the forefront ensures that we are mindful of how we promote diversity from the top down.”

 Buy-in from the top down has helped ensure the inclusive campus culture that’s necessary to educate future women business leaders.

 “Bentley presented me with so many diverse opportunities; between academics, varsity athletics, Greek life and student government, I was constantly surrounded by inspiring women,” says Hannah Rauch '19, who is working full time in the Leadership Development Program at Raytheon. “These teammates, sisters and peers inspired and challenged me every day to become the best version of myself.”