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Honors and Awards: Spring 2021

Bentley recognizes its faculty, staff, and students for their awards, honors and other achievements.

Cynthia Clark book cover

Cynthia Clark, Management professor and director of the university’s Harold S. Geneen Institute of Corporate Governance, recently published Giving Voice to Values in the Boardroom. In it, she examines critical issues in the realm of corporate governance — including strategic planning and monitoring, director independence, privacy and cyber risk, executive compensation and CEO succession planning — and offers practical strategies for board members to remain true to their personal values through ethical decision-making.  

This was the second book Clark published in 2020: The first, Business and Society: Ethical, Legal, and Digital Environments, explores the opportunities and challenges resulting from an increasingly interconnected global economy. Topics include social media and citizen movements, big data and hacking, and privacy in the digital age. 


AFA logo

The Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisers (AFA) recognized Bentley University with its 2020 Outstanding Change Initiative Award. Established in 1996, the national honor is presented to institutions of higher education or member organizations that have made tremendous progress and improvement in their fraternity/sorority communities.  

Bentley was recognized for its Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL) Strategic Plan, which was established jointly by the FSL Presidents Council and the Office of Student Programs & Engagement. The plan outlines FSL’s commitment to “enhance the student experience and prepare future business leaders for success” by focusing efforts on three key areas: academic success and career preparation; community relations; and social responsibility. 

Nathan Carter book cover

Mathematical Sciences professor Nathan Carter was honored with the 2020 Beckenbach Book Prize. Established by the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) in 1986, the award is presented periodically to a “distinguished, innovative book” published by the MAA within the previous five years. 

Carter’s book, Introduction to the Mathematics of Computer Graphics (2016), provides an in-depth look at the mathematical principles involved in graphic design. In its citation, the MAA praises it as “a how-to book for creating stunning, informative, and insightful imagery.”  

Carter also received the Beckenbach Book Prize in 2012, for his book Visual Group Theory

CISI logo

Several Bentley alumni were recognized for their undergraduate research by being named as co-authors in recent journal publications: 

All three papers involved research undertaken with the support of Bentley’s Center for the Integration of Science and Industry. According to Center director Fred Ledley, “Authorship in a scientific journal is not simply an acknowledgement, it is recognition that the authors made critically important contributions to the design, analysis or interpretation of the data. For these students to achieve professional-level recognition for their efforts, especially as undergraduates, is truly exceptional.”