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Bentley University graduate Tom Yuen

Bentley In the News

Google Needs to Defund Misinformation

Slate | November 18, 2021

Mathematics Professor Noah Giansiracusa authors an op-ed asserting that A.I. can be a tool for defunding misinformation so it doesn’t spread on social media in the first place.

Facebook’s Algorithm Is Broken. We Collected Some Spicy Suggestions On How To Fix It.

FiveThirtyEight | November 16, 2021

Mathematics Professor Noah Giansiracusa explains that Facebook’s own research reveals easy ways to address its algorithm issues.

Traditional or Not? Assessing William Lane Craig’s Model on Adam and Eve

Evolution News | November 12, 2021

Global Studies Professor Dan Everett is highlighted for his argument that Homo erectus demonstrated a level of cognitive development comparable to modern humans.  

Minority audit partners face discrimination, research finds

Accounting Today | November 09, 2021

New research from Gopal Krishnan, trustee professor of accountancy, finds that ethnic minority audit partners still face significant levels of discrimination compared to their white counterparts.