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Merit-Based Scholarships

Classroom imageBentley University offers merit-based scholarships to our top applicants each year. Merit scholarships are awarded to new students at the time of admission, after a thorough and meticulous analysis of their academic history, including rigor of and performance in coursework and test scores. A separate application is not required for merit-based scholarships.

Applicants who qualify for financial assistance will have merit-based scholarship funds incorporated into their need-based financial aid package. Merit-based scholarships are awarded only at the time of admissions and are not available to currently matriculated students.

Please visit our Undergraduate Admissions page for more information.


Women's Leadership Program

The Women’s Leadership Program is a four-year program designed to empower young women with the essential skills, real-world experiences and confidence needed to advance into leadership roles.  Each year, leaders are selected from our First-Year applicants through the Regular Decision Application process and are notified at the time of admission.  The program includes an annual award of $10,000 per year toward undergraduate education, totaling $40,000.  An application is required and incoming students are selected based on demonstrated leadership potential while in high school.  For more information click here.