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Information Technology

Bentley Virtual Apps

Bentley Virtual Apps (BVA)
BVA is a software environment that enables faculty and students to use specific Bentley-licensed software without the need to install the software on your macOS or Windows computer.  
When should I use BVA? 

  • Mac users should use BVA when an academic application, or specified version of an academic application, is not available to run on the macOS. 
  • Windows users should use BVA when the faculty member requires the use of a specific Window’s application via BVA. 

Important Things to Note 

  • All Windows and macOS users must install a version of Remote Desktop in order to access BVA. 
  • When using BVA, you MUST be logged in to your OneDrive within BVA and save your files to your OneDrive in order to ensure that you can access and/or share your files later.  
  • To avoid losing your work, users must remain active and connected to the Internet while using BVA. Certain circumstances will result in losing the connection to BVA and potentially result in losing your work: 
    • Closing the lid to your laptop
    • Loss of power to your laptop – your battery is drained
    • Loss of network connection – wireless or wired 
    • Idle time in the BVA environment (BVA sessions are disconnected after one (1) hour of idle time)

Applications available via BVA

  • Alteryx
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Excel (with Analysis Toolpak, Analysis Toolpak - VBA, and Solver Add-in enabled)
  • IDEA
  • OneDrive
  • SPSS
  • Rstudio
  • SAS 9.4
  • SAS Ent guide 8.3 (64bit)
  • SQL Developer
  • Stata
  • Winplot
  • PyCharm
  • Spyder
  • UiPath
Mac users: Can’t find your app? Install Parallels

Step-by-Step Installation Instructions