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Congratulations on your upcoming graduation from Bentley!

As you prepare for life after graduation, it is important for you to understand that the maintenance of your computer becomes your responsibility. 

Hardware Support

Your laptop is typically covered by the manufacturer's warranty when you leave Bentley. Unfortunately, Bentley is unable to offer support for your laptop if you are no longer a registered undergraduate student. This includes students going onto graduate school at Bentley.  If issues arise after you leave Bentley, please visit the manufacturer’s website:

Falcon Fast-Track Students 

Falcon Fast-Track graduate students who received a computer through the Bentley undergraduate Mobile Computing Program will be able to have their computer serviced at the Bentley Computer Repair Center. If your computer is still covered under warranty and accidental damage, repairs will be free of charge.  If your warranty and accidental damage has expired, you can have your computer repaired for a fee. If your computer has warranty and accidental damage coverage, a loaner computer is available on a first-come, first-served basis while your computer is being serviced.  A loaner computer is not guaranteed.

Obtaining Microsoft Windows 10 (Windows laptops) and Microsoft Office 2016 Before Graduation

While Microsoft Windows and Office is licensed to remain on your computer, Bentley is not permitted to reinstall Microsoft Windows or Office after your graduation.   As a precaution, Bentley strongly recommends that you obtain a product key or installation media to reinstall Microsoft Windows and/or Microsoft Office in the event of data corruption or hard drive failure. It is your responsibility to retain the product key for your software for future reference.  It is strongly recommended that you obtain the appropriate software packages for your laptop before you graduate as the cost is significantly less than the full retail price. These software packages can be obtained prior to graduation through OnTheHub, Bentley's online software center. Expect to receive an automated message to be emailed to you when your account has been created with information on how to log in to OnTheHub. Access to the product key is only available for a limited time so you are also strongly recommended to retain a copy of your product key(s) for future reference. 

If you forget your password, go to, click the 'Log In' button and then click the 'Forgot Password?' link.

Office 365 

As an alum, you are entitled to retain a consumer-licensed version of your email.  Approximately 60 days after graduation you will receive an email from Client Services indicating the date at which your educational licensing will expire, and your email account will be converted to a free consumer-licensed account.   

As part of this conversion, your OneDrive data, Microsoft Teams and Sharepoint data will be deleted by Microsoft.  Before this happens, you are strongly encouraged to backup your data to another service or subscribe to a higher-level Microsoft plan to retain access to your data.  Bentley cannot retrieve any data lost as a result of this conversion. 

If you downloaded Microsoft Office onto other personal devices, these licenses will expire.  Microsoft has automation that will notify you or the person using the academically licensed version that it will expire and provide an opportunity for you or the person using the device to pay to move to a consumer licensed version of Microsoft Office. 

Post-Graduation Software Support 

Client Services or the Bentley IT Help Desk does not offer post-graduation software support. If you need software support after graduation, you should contact the vendor of the software application for which you need assistance.