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Information Technology

Laptop Support Information for Study Abroad Students

Mac users DO NOT need to run this utility

Before leaving campus for abroad, please be sure the following items have been completed        

  • You are able to login to Office 365 successfully
  • Run the License Activation Utility ( via a wired (not wireless) connection from on campus (this utility cannot be run off-campus) - if you do not run this utility your computer will cease to function.
    • At the first "Windows protected your PC" screen click, "More Info"
    • At the next "Windows protected your PC" screen click, "Run Anyway"
    • At the next screen, "Allow MS license to make changes to your computer" Click, yes
    • Right click on the MS license file and "Run as Administrator" in your downloads folder
  • After the activation is complete click on "create user" button to create a local account on your computer.

Please use extreme caution in caring for your laptop while abroad

  • Do not eat or drink near your laptop
  • Do not leave your laptop unattended
  • Do not place your laptop in with your checked luggage or in the overheard compartment on an airplane, as this will crack your screen for which you will be responsible to replace and cover the expense.
  • Practice safe internet habits (do not click on links you receive through email unless you know the sender)
  • Back-up your files to a cloud service, external hard drive or OneDrive - Bentley University (Bentley is not responsible for your data)

If you have issues with your laptop while abroad
Bentley is available to assist you with your computer related issues; however, due to shipping costs, duties and taxes for which you are responsible for (sending and returning), turnaround time, and customs clearance, sending your laptop to Bentley from abroad for repair will take significantly longer than if you were on campus.  Please email the help desk at with a detailed description of your issues as well as your serial number (located on the bottom of your laptop) or call 781.891.3122 during regular business hours.

For Virus, Software, and other assistance
If there appears to be viruses or malware on your laptop, these can usually be eradicated with Sophos, which is already installed on your laptop. Make sure you run a FULL scan. Before running any anti-virus or anti-malware applications, we recommend that you update the definition files, so that you have the most up to date protection.

If you need assistance with virus scans, or any other software issues with your laptop, while you are abroad, please contact the help desk via phone at 781.891.3122 or via email at In some cases, support staff will be able to assist you in real-time via remote access.

For the Bentley IT Help Desk hours of operation and other information, please visit the website: