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Information Technology

Lock Down Your Account Page:

  • Everything has an account these days and we typically will provide any data that’s asked for, even sensitive or personal data.  But we're okay with it because its protected with a password.   
  • Let's face it, we're terrible at passwords. For example 
    • We use passwords that are easy to guess 
    • We re-use them across accounts 
  •  isn't it time to improve the way you handle passwords? 

In general, follow these rules when it comes to passwords: 

  • Use a unique, random password or passphrase consisting of 16+ characters for each account
  • Include uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and special characters 
  • Manage the passwords with a password manager such as LastPass, OnePass, or others (I use KeePass) 
  • Change all the passwords at least once per year 
  • Implement multi-factor authentication (MFA) for all sites that offer it 

Be a Force for Cyber Security – Get a handle on all your accounts!

  • Get a comprehensive list of all the places you have online accounts  
  • This can be daunting, and can be upwards of 100+, but this is the true scale of our online profile 

Account Inventory Tips: 

Places to look to get a list of all the places where you have passwords to secure: 

  • Your phone: 
    • Every app you have probably has a login. Write it down 
  • Your email: 
    • Many of the places that email you have accounts 
  • Chrome saved passwords: 
    • Google Chrome can give you a readout of the saved passwords it has for you