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Columnas Newsletter

Columnas is the award-winning, semi-annual newsletter of the Honors Program at Bentley University. The newsletter provides feature stories and articles about its students, alumni, faculty and other members and events of the honors and Bentley community, written from the perspective of those involved in the Honors Program. Columnas is managed and edited by Honors students. Columnas won 1st place among electronic, student-edited newsletters for Honors Programs at the 2015 National Collegiate Honors Council conference and more recently, won 2nd place at the 2017 conference. 

With a nod to Latin traditions, Columnas celebrates intellectual curiosity, highlights the achievements of those within and around the program, and underscores the importance of service, culture and community. Like its name suggests, Columnas  (Latin for “pillars” or “columns”) references the written columns, but also the pillars of support and is intended to demonstrate the strength and finesse of the Honors Program, while also recognizing the four pillars upon which the Honors Program and its students are guided: Excellentia (merit), sapientia (wisdom), integritas (integrity) and latitudo (breadth).

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Contributing Articles

The Honors Program and the editors of Columnas are always looking for good stories to highlight different aspects of the program, the university and the broader community. If you would like to contribute a unique article that tells the story of the honors community at Bentley University, please consider submitting a proposal for an article. Honors alumni and current honors students are especially encouraged, but also faculty, staff or interested friends of the program are encouraged to submit article proposals.

When submitting article ideas, please keep in mind the guidelines below:

  • Authors are asked to submit a proposal/summary of the article initially. Submission of articles is subject to the following deadlines: for the fall issue, proposals must be received no later than March 15; for the spring issue, proposals must be received no later than November 15.

  • Article proposals should be sent to, with the subject line “Columnas article proposal.”

  • Articles should be written with the reader in mind, and should provide some distinct perspectives on the lives of those involved in the Honors Program, including students, faculty, alumni and the broader campus community.

  • Articles and proposals for articles should be crafted with the ultimate objective to highlight the benefits of the Honors Program, highlight student/alumni achievement, and underscore community service, leadership and cultural awareness.

  • Articles should hold interest with the reader, ultimately by imparting humor, consequence or uniqueness to the subject matter.

  • Articles should be original in writing.

  • Articles should be well-written, as reflective of the high standards of the Honors Program.

  • Articles should reflect well on the Honors Program, its participants and the broader Bentley community.

  • Finished articles should be no more than 800 words. Articles should be submitted in a Word file to the editors, and should be single-spaced, Times New Roman, 11-point font.

  • A preliminary article title and subtitle should be provided.

  • Authors should provide their full name and association:

    • For students, please provide your major, and expected graduation date.

    • For faculty, please provide your formal title, department and year of arrival at Bentley.

    • For alumni, please provide your major, year of graduation and your current employer and position.

    • For others, please provide your association or interest to Bentley and the Honors Program, along with your current employer and position.

  • Space for articles in each edition is limited, so article suggestions or proposals may not be pursued, or could be held over to future editions.