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Inclusive Teaching

The center of Bentley University is the classroom.  We commit to providing inclusive and just learning environments.  To achieve this purpose, Academic Affairs provides faculty and staff ongoing learning and development opportunities.  In addition to those live offerings, faculty are encouraged to review the resources offered on this page at their own pace. In reviewing these resources, you will find that you will not have to make huge adjustments to your courses or pedagogy to have a positive impact.

Developing Course Content

Faculty preparing to teach new or existing courses should take time to review their course curriculum, syllabus, and materials. Are the course goals and expectations clear and transparent to all students? Do the authors of the course materials come from a variety of perspectives and backgrounds? These are just some of the questions that you might consider in preparing to offer your course. The resources in this section can assist in guiding you through this process.

Developing Course Content Resources

Inclusive Classroom Techniques and Pedagogical Practices

We strive as educators to cultivate positive classroom environments.  Developing the awareness and skills to be culturally responsive, address microagressions and build strong rapport amongst students are some of the topics addressed in the resources in this section.   

Inclusive Pedagogy Resources

Highlighted Resource:

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging in the Classroom: Case Studies from Harvard Business Publishing

These case studies offer protagonists of color, women and black leadership.  Cases that involve people from communities that have been marginalized diversify a students’ views of leadership, allow more students to view themselves as leaders, and combat stereotypes.

Recommended by Donna Maria Blancero, Provost