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Emergency Information

The University Police emergency phone line is 781.891.3131

Emergency Management Team

In the event of a crisis -- such as a major fire, severe weather conditions, hazardous material accident or national emergency impacting the Bentley community -- the Bentley Emergency Management Team is ready to put the university’s contingency plans into action. We are prepared to respond quickly when major emergencies occur. Our Emergency Response Team comprises professionals from many areas of the university, including university police, and works in collaboration with the university's leadership team. The group is ready to be activated 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Emergency Preparedness

Bentley facilities staff and university police are committed to your safety in the event of an emergency. An emergency is any situation that requires immediate and prompt action. This includes circumstances that pose a threat to the health, safety or well-being of any student or member of the faculty or staff. To read more about our emergency preparedness plans please visit our Emergency Preparedness page for more information. 

Communication Channels

The University Police dispatcher is able to reach all Bentley senior administrators and key personnel before and after regular business hours, in the event an emergency occurs.

Bentley University uses several different methods of notification to alert students, faculty, staff and others of an emergency or school cancellation. It is important that you become familiar with these notification tools and ensure your contact information is kept current and up to date in MyBentley. 

  • The Rave Alert Emergency Notification System is used for school cancellations and major emergencies only.The University tests this system once per semester to ensure it is working properly and community members are familiar with it. This system allows the University to send important information to students, faculty and staff via email, text and phone.
    • Please update your emergency contact information in My Bentley:
      • Go to View/Update Emergency Contact Info
      • Be sure you have provided three critical pieces of information:
        1. One or more phone numbers where you can always be reached; most importantly - your cell phone number, if you have one. (This information will be kept confidential.)

        2. The name and phone numbers of an emergency contact person.

        3. Verification that you have created an emergency plan.

  • The Bentley website, the Campus Notification phone line 781.891.2020 and the Rave Emergency Notification System are the official channels of communication for school cancellations and major emergencies.
  • Bentley's Facebook and Twitter channels are used when warranted.
  • If the Bentley website is temporarily disabled due to the situation, the Campus Notification phone line 781.891.2020 and the Rave Emergency Notification System will be activated.
  • Boston-area TV and radio stations are contacted when classes are cancelled or delayed and may announce updates for other types of situations. On rare occasions these stations post incorrect information. Bentley has no control over such errors. Please do not rely solely on one TV or radio station for updates. 

Depending on the situation, updates may include:

  • Contact information for on and off-campus
  • Links to other helpful or special resources
  • News updates related to ongoing emergency situations