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UX Education

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In-House UX Education

World-Class UX Design Education at Your Office

Customized In-House Training for Your Team

The workplace has changed tremendously over the past year. The one thing that has not changed is the need to upskill your team members on the latest experience design practices. Bentley has heard that need and responded by modifying the design and delivery of our educational services to meet these challenges. Our corporate partners have shared positive feedback on the quality of the newly designed training experiences and cited the added team-building benefit of the training.

Bring your team together with Bentley’s Online Customized Training. Our instructors have extensive experience hosting workshops virtually and our courses have been specially tailored to this format.

  • Fully customized: We work with you to tailor the content to your team and organizational needs
  • Modular Format: Courses are designed in four-hour modules distributed over four consecutive weeks.

Add-on Services:

  • Drop-in Follow-up Session: To enhance the online learning experience, we offer a one-hour follow-up session for all participants.  Students can seek clarification or explore other relevant topics during this time.
  • Out-of-class Assessment: We offer participants the opportunity to engage in a four-hour out-of-class challenge (for each 16-hour program) where students apply principles learned in class to a work project or a case of their choosing.  An expert from Bentley will assess each assignment and deliver confidential feedback to each participant.

In addition to the in-depth training for team members, organizations have the option to bundle additional training support to foster a more supportive experience design culture. To complement the training delivered to your UX team, Bentley can deliver any of our design and research training modules to larger groups of developers, product owners, project managers, and the like.  The goal here is not mastery of the topic but a focus on understanding the method/strategy so participants might become more collaborative partners for your Experience Research and Design team.

We also deliver one-hour programs tailored to the needs of your senior management team. Again, the goal is to deepen leaders' understanding and appreciation of UX practices and foster a more customer-centered product culture.

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Tailored to Your Organization

Bentley recognizes that each organization faces unique business, product, and market challenges. Bentley offers customized educational opportunities at your site. Faculty can present standard or customized instruction to suit specific corporate and organizational needs. Workshops typically range in length from one day to one week. A group minimum of 15 is required for customized offerings.

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Adaptable to Your Changing Needs

Upon completion of an in-house course, members of your team can opt to enroll individually in our more in-depth classes in the UX Certificate Program.  In some cases, participants have elected to apply to our top-ranked UX graduate program. No other vendor can offer such a selection of UX programs to meet your initial and, over time, progressively more demanding needs.

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Corporate Partnerships

Attracting, developing and retaining UX research and design talent is one of the greatest challenges faced by today’s product development organizations. We invite you to consider partnering with Bentley University, long a leader in UX education, to meet your organization’s near and long-term talent needs. Opportunities range from targeted, in-house courses to meet specific needs to offering the entire Bentley UX Certificate program in-house as a component of your recruitment and employee benefits package.  Other hybrid options are available where a core component of the program is offered in house and employees then complete the certificate in the public program choosing from our vast array of UX research, strategy, and design offerings. As an added advantage, qualified candidates can then transfer the completed certificate to our top-ranked graduate UX program.

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Program Spotlight

A Human Factors and Usability Framework for Medical Device Design

This four-day program presents a comprehensive human factors and usability engineering framework for medical device manufacturers. The program is offered exclusively in-house to help device designers address demanding FDA guidelines related to risk management processes. The central focus is on the contribution of an effective user experience to the ultimate success of a given product offering in the marketplace.

Read the full course description here

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