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Falcon Statue

COVID-19 Campus Update

Mar. 6, 2021

Dear Students,

As we work together to control cases on campus, we will be using three barometers to guide our decision-making process for campus operations and services: 1.) the situations are highly structured; 2.) locations or gatherings are supervised; and 3.) the circumstance creates no new contacts (meaning everyone is at least six feet apart and wearing face coverings). Using these general guidelines, we’ll get through this period safely and ensure a successful remainder of the spring term.

As a follow up to our email yesterday, we are sharing the following information for what’s open and what’s on hold on campus in the coming days, informed by the three stated guidelines above. As a reminder, this will remain in effect until at least Sunday, March 14.

The Library
Residential students and off-campus students enrolled in the screening test program may continue to access the library so long as face coverings are worn at all times and physical distance is observed.

The Student Center
Residential students can access the Student Center so long as face coverings are worn at all times and physical distancing is observed. Dining in any area of the Student Center is not allowed, as that could create new close contacts. 

Academic Buildings
Academic buildings, including classrooms and meeting spaces, will be inaccessible outside the 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. class hours. Classrooms will not be open for studying or meetings outside of in-person or hybrid classes.

Outdoor Spaces
Nicer weather is on the horizon next week, and getting outside can allow for safe interactions. Make sure that you always maintain six feet of physical distance and wear face coverings at all times when outside. To make sure we follow Massachusetts occupancy limits, spots like the Greenspace shouldn’t have more than 25 people gathered at one time.

Residential students can also use the track so long as face coverings are worn at all times, but pick-up games on other fields or basketball courts aren’t allowed at this time, as those would create more close contacts.

As we continue to manage cases on campus, some specific groups may be asked to take additional measures to ensure that our community stays healthy, like undergoing additional testing or being asked to further limit their interactions on campus. It’s important to remember that these measures are not meant to be punishments, but are instead driven by the data of our screening testing program and contact tracing. The patience and cooperation of our entire community will be needed in the coming days, and we greatly appreciate your help.

We promise to continue to be transparent about campus operations and changes, and welcome your feedback. You can continue to share questions with us here for future updates. As always, you can check the latest COVID-19 updates at

Dean Shepardson
Provost Blancero