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Diversity & Inclusion

Mission, Vision and Core Values

Mission Statement

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion creates, fosters and upholds an institution where Inclusive Excellence is prioritized in our philosophy and strategic planning, implemented in our actions and championed by all our community members.

Vision Statement

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion seeks to move our institution forward in the ever-evolving landscape of business and higher education. By utilizing our community knowledge and Bentley’s current and historical drive for innovation, ODI envisions Bentley University as a thought and industry leader in connecting business, interdisciplinary education and Inclusive Excellence.

Core Values

As an integral part of Bentley University, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion embraces Bentley’s Mission and Core Values to guide our work. Below is how our office understands and operationalizes the Core Values from a justice, equity, diversity and inclusion perspective.


We practice understanding, compassion and kindness. We recognize the whole person and how their identities influence their experiences in and out of the Greater Bentley Community. We strive to engage identity in a way that allows our individual and collective selves to exist authentically and be represented and cared for.


We recognize the multiple perspectives individuals of all identities can and do bring to diversity, equity and inclusion work. We seek to bring together these various groups to bravely share knowledge, create collective action and become a force for Inclusive Excellence.


We recognize our community is made stronger by our diverse identities, thoughts and experiences. We create opportunities for our community members to engage in honest and open dialogue across difference to promote exploration of and self-reflection on justice, equity, diversity and inclusion.


We act with honesty and integrity in our academic, personal and professional affairs. We are dedicated to ethical and transparent behavior, and we hold our campus community responsible for furthering equity, even when it means recognizing our own need to grow and change.


We recognize everyone’s potential to make a difference at Bentley. We invest in our leadership, faculty, staff and students to build our collective capacity for learning about and integrating diversity, equity and inclusion directly in their work. We believe Bentley’s dedication to and power in innovation can and will make a lasting impact on our campus community members and institution.


We are here to provide opportunities for learning, engagement and reflection to grow Bentley’s understanding of what diversity, equity and inclusion means in theory and practice. We recognize this learning as natural and embrace this eagerness to constantly learn to provide new, cutting-edge learning opportunities and to encourage each of us to find and bring new knowledge back to Bentley.


We believe diversity, equity and inclusion starts at the respectful, brave engagement of identity, experience and viewpoint. We foster the respectful exchange of viewpoints to promote dialogue across difference, even when our views diverge. However, when these divergent views might create tension and pain, we provide space for restoration to ensure our institution upholds a just community.