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Diversity & Inclusion

Inclusive Excellence Council

The Inclusive Excellence Council is charged with the implementation of strategic campus-wide initiatives that operationalize the University’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, equity, and justice. Using the Inclusive Excellence framework as a guide the Council will work to provide guidance and support to encourage the creation of a more actively inclusive and equitable campus. Launched initially to implement strategic initiatives identified by the Racial Justice Task Force, the Council will also identify additional opportunities for systemic investments that move beyond race and embrace a more intersectional investment in DEI.  To contact the Inclusive Excellence Council, please send an email to


The Inclusive Excellence Council is sponsored by the President of the University and chaired by the VP & Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer. Council members are nominated by their VP to represent their division and serve a two year term. Seats on the Council are determined based on the size of the division. The Council will also reserve seats for two undergraduate and graduate students as well as alumni representation.

Inclusive Excellence Council Members


Patrick Couillard Hale (Chair)

Matt Banks

Deb Burbank

Joseph "Joey" Cohen

Siobhan Crosby

Kelly Giardullo

Helen Henrichs

Kimiya Kim

Katie Penn

Christine Lookner

Bridget Maher

Michael McCorvey

Rick Oches

Vince Poon

Alvin Reynolds

Gaurav Shah

Marcus Stewart


Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

Administration & Finance

Graduate Class of '23


Enrollment Management

Marketing & Communications

Undergraduate Class of '23

Diversity & Inclusion

Student Affairs

Undergraduate Class of '23

Student Affairs

Academic Affairs

Human Resources

Student Affairs


Academic Affairs

IEC Priorities

Bentley Equity Experience

The newly created Inclusive Excellence Council is sponsored by the Office of the President and is charged with actualizing many of the recommendations in the Racial Justice Task Force Discovery Document. As one of its first strategic initiatives, the IEC has launched the Bentley Equity Experience (BEX) study to positively impact our living, learning, and working environment. 

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Racial Equity Plan

The Inclusive Excellence Council will conduct a racial equity study that identifies racial equity gaps and develops institutional goals to close them.

IDEA Innovation Grants

To encourage Bentley community members to develop and implement DEI initiatives across campus, the Inclusive Excellence Council will solicit and award IDEA innovation grants to encourage shared participation in the creation of brave spaces for dialogue across differences. 

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