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Bentley Equity Experience

The Bentley Equity Experience

Discovering Who We Are, Uncovering Who We Can Be

The Bentley Equity Experience

As part of its efforts to embrace a culture of inclusion and achieve equity, Bentley University has launched the Bentley Equity Experience study to positively impact our living, learning, and working environment. The study is a concerted effort to invite the entire Bentley community to better understand and improve its campus climate, culture, and values by addressing the challenges and seizing the opportunities for change. Bentley invites all community members to participate in this campaign to help the university better understand their lived experiences and feelings of belonging on campus.

The campaign included a campus climate survey completed during the Fall 2021 semester. Over the Spring 2022 semester, Bentley hosted a series of engagement events to bring the campus together to reflect on the survey's data and to engage deeper with themes that emerged from the Quick Questions and Community Polls conducted alongside the climate survey.

The Full Results are Here!

The Inclusive Excellence Council is excited to share the full results from the Bentley Equity Experience study! The findings from the campus climate survey and community narratives provide Bentley the opportunity to see areas of strength and address critical areas related to campus climate and culture.

We invite the Bentley community to engage with each other in understanding where we are and begin thinking about where we can grow as an institution. Check out one of four different ways you can engage with the results and dialogue with outhers about our campus climate.

Ways to Engage

See the Full Results

This document offers a summary of the results from the study, including reflection questions to critically think about and apply what you learn in your day-to-day experiences within the Bentley community.

Read the Document

View the Dashboard

This tool allows you to view the results of the BEX survey in a dynamic way, allowing you to sort through the experiences of Bentley community members by demographics, campus role, and other factors.

View the Dashboard

Request a Sense-Making Session

Are you interested in a guided discussion about the results of the survey with your team or group? Request a session to learn more about the results and engage in reflection about where and how we move forward as a community.

Request a Session

Data Set Now Available!

Complete the request form to receive data from the climate survey.

Results At a Glance

The Big Picture

  • Overall, about 55% of the Bentley community is satisfied with the campus climate, and Bentley community members generally view our community as friendly and feel a sense of personal value and belonging.
  • However, there are notable exceptions within the experiences of our Bentley community members, both in terms of feelings of inclusiveness and experiences of discrimination.
  • Community narratives illustrated that while Bentley is largely a welcoming and supportive community, community members felt that because of the competitive, work-intensive, and outcomes-focused nature of the University that the community feels transactional and elitist.
  • Bentley community members do believe that the University environment is generally supportive and supports growth and success.


Climate Survey Response Rate


Respondents Satisfied or Very Satisfied with Campus Climate


Respondents Would Recommend Bentley to a Future Students or Employees

Bentley Equity Experience Dashboard

The Bentley Equity Experience dashboard is a tool that allows you to view the results of the campus climate survey in a dynamic way, including the ability to sort through the experiences of Bentley community members by demographics, campus role, and other factors.

I am proud that we as a community are engaging in the Bentley Equity Experience campaign. This effort will help us to better understand who we truly are as a university and help us to create paths forward towards a better campus climate and culture for everyone at Bentley.
Patrick Couillard Hale
Director, Office of Diversity & Inclusion

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