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The Bentley Equity Experience

Discovering Who We Are, Uncovering Who We Can Be

The Bentley Equity Experience

As part of its efforts to embrace a culture of inclusion and achieve equity, Bentley University has launched the Bentley Equity Experience study to positively impact our living, learning, and working environment. The study is a concerted effort to invite the entire Bentley community to better understand and improve its campus climate, culture, and values by addressing the challenges and seizing the opportunities for change. Bentley invites all community members to participate in this campaign to help the university better understand their lived experiences and feelings of belonging on campus.

Be Part of the Bentley Equity Experience

The study will consist of various components to get feedback and insights from community members:

  • Campus Climate Survey
  • Big Questions for Bentley
  • Quick Questions for Bentley

Through these events, we hope to gain insights from all community members to understand who we truly are as a community and can become a place where all of us can lead, grow, and thrive.

Be a force for discovery.
Be a force for possibility.
Be a force for change.

What is a campus climate study?

A climate study is a measure of the real and perceived quality of interpersonal, academic, and professional interactions on a campus and consist of "the current attitudes, behaviors and standards of faculty, staff, administrators and students concerning the level of respect for individual needs, abilities and potential" (Hurtado, 1992; Rankin, 2001).

Engaging in a climate study allows us to move beyond representation to an assessment of the lived experience of the community as a measurement of progress towards our DEI goals. The results of this study will provide a level of transparency about the climate that does not currently exist and act as a foundation from which to identify areas of strength and concern to guide our efforts.

Why does campus climate matter to Bentley?

Understanding the campus climate is important in that it helps us as a community understand personal experiences and observations and identify opportunities for change to better the experiences of all community members. Campus climate plays a critical role in helping faculty, staff, and students feel connected to the institution, valued, and included.

A campus climate study at Bentley University will provide us with the ability to:

  • Strengthen Bentley's mission, refine our values, and improve our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Better understand the perceptions and lived experiences of our community members related to diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Work with the community to foster and implement critical institutional change
  • Make data-informed decisions that will create meaningful impact at Bentley and in higher education
Who is leading the activities within this campaign?

The campaign is being sponsored by the Office of Diversity & Inclusion and is being managed by Patrick Hale, Director of the Office of Diversity & Inclusion. The Inclusive Excellence Council will be the campaign champions working to communicate about the campaign and helping to facilitate engagement activities. The Business Intelligence team is supporting the data collection and analysis activities associated with the survey more specifically. Bentley University will also be working with an outside partner, SoundRocket, to help with administering the survey component of the study.

Complete the Campus Climate Survey

From mid-October to late November, all current Bentley community members will be invited to participate in a campus climate survey. This survey will get individual perspectives on the following topics:

  • Perceptions of overall campus climate
  • Bentley's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion and its institutional values
  • Experiences with fair treatment and discrimination
  • Ways in which one experiences belonging, feeling valued, and the ability to thrive and grow

This survey will be available to all current faculty, staff, and students at Bentley University. All answers are optional, and no responses will be in any way connected to one's personal identifiable information (including name, email address, or Bentley ID).

Campus Climate Survey FAQs

Campaign progress bar showing a 9.7% completion rate

3 Quick Steps to Finishing the Survey

Step 1 – Search for an email from Scott D. Crawford (

Step 2 – Click on the link in that email to complete the survey (it should take 10-12 minutes).

Step 3 – Download one of these Zoom backgrounds to use in your next virtual meeting.

Questions about the survey's language? Check out the Glossary!

Campus Climate Survey Zoom Backgrounds

Big Questions for Bentley

After coming to a better understanding of the cultural barriers and the strategic priorities identified from the Racial Justice Task Force, Bentley has an opportunity to better understand who we truly are as a community and uncover the possibility of what our community can be for all its members. In an effort to move Bentley towards Inclusive Excellence, we want to better understand whether Bentley is a place where people can grow, thrive, feel safe, and be fully authentic.

The Big Questions for Bentley dialogues will bring together students, alumni, faculty, and staff to openly and bravely examine and uncover the ways in which our campus climate and culture impacts the lived experiences of our community members. These workshops will combine self-reflection, facilitated dialogues and targeted activities to provide participants multiple ways to understand and engage with the culture and climate. Additionally, these conversations will help the strategic work of the Inclusive Excellence Council and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. Dates for these sessions will be announced soon.

Quick Questions for Bentley

This series of Quick Questions will solicit feedback from the community through social media and pulse surveys to complement the engagement through the Big Questions sessions. We will provide multiple avenues for community members to anonymously share their stories with us, which we will then share more publicly with the community.

Participate in a Quick Question

Selection of Responses to Quick Question #1: Bentley at its Best

Going into meeting with the residential center and all the RAs during training. Having a full day of inclusive, awesome training with people I know are committed to creating an amazing campus life. The energy and the light these people bring is amazing. We (RAs) want everyone to feel included and feel like themselves in the buildings, their homes! Saying hi to everyone and saying knowing I will have an amazing year doing a job I love where I get to stand up for inclusion and equity, while meeting a diverse group of people.

As a member of the women's lacrosse team at Bentley, winning the NE-10 championship last May showed me the true meaning of the Bentley Community. The outpouring of support in the days leading up to the championship game and in the weeks to follow was truly moving. Classmates, teachers, athletic staff and trainers and other student athletes showed their support by attending the game and cheering us on. Winning the championship title was not only a victory for the lacrosse team but for the whole Bentley Community.

Last year, many of the survivors of sexual violence at Bentley raised their collective voices to call for action. As troubling as their experiences are, their self-sacrifice and bravery in calling for better responses to sexism at Bentley demonstrates the kind of leadership from the students that we should all be proud of.

In the Spring of 2020, Black United Body and Kappa Sigma collaborated an an identity & advocacy org/fraternity & sorority life org dialogue event called Bridging the Gap. This initiative was entirely student-run and brought organizations from both FSL and the identity & advocacy cluster. Students were given discussion prompts that created space and structure to address misconceptions, relationship-building, and strategies for better bridging these two communities in the future. Students were able to lean on the mutual desire to be a part of organizations that made Bentley feel like home. And worked to discuss how these communities could better collaborate and support each other in the future.

I took GR 603P Leading Responsibly as an elective courses. I really appreciated the diversity of backgrounds that my classmates brought to the virtual classroom during that difficult time. Although I didn’t know what to expect going in, I was blown away by the honesty and vulnerability my peers demonstrated in sharing how their life struggles and successes had influenced their decision making and leadership styles, in no small part thanks to the safe and open environment the professor had established from the beginning. We talked about how some heartbreaking losses had led to softening of edges and reevaluating of priorities, and also about how authenticity meant bringing your true self to all areas of your life. In that class, I really got to witness how Bentley can be a valuable space to not only gain academic knowledge, but to also learn incredible lessons from other students and challenge my own worldviews.

Coming to college in the US was something I always wanted to do, it was my dream to work with people from other countries and have my full college experience. Because of COVID, I wasn’t able to come last year as a sophomore, but now, one year later, I can’t believe I’m finally here as a Freshman, leaving the whole Bentley experience. Since day one, Bentley has exceeded my expectations. This community has allowed me to learn from different experiences and be able to participate in many activities. Being able to pursue my passion while living my dream has been how I best experience Bentley.

It was incredible to be a brand new staff member (less than a month) and to be part of the reopening of the University. Seeing all of the students and their families so excited to return and/or come to campus for the first time at the beginning of the semester provided the breath of fresh air that I (amongst others) needed after the difficulties of the last two years.

I experienced Bentley at its best when I attended a Students for Sustainable Business event where fellow Bentley students volunteered their time to come together and fight climate issues. We had a great time in the Waltham community and shared our common passion for using business to solve larger issues.

I have experienced Bentley University at its best when attending the mosaic program and listening to the great conversation being held over falcon weekend with the president of the university. I believe all Bentley students should take part in active discussions regarding diversity at Bentley and reflect on what we can do to improve.

Portrait of Patrick Couillard Hale from the waist up
I am proud that we as a community are engaging in the Bentley Equity Experience campaign. This effort will help us to better understand who we truly are as a university and help us to create paths forward towards a better campus climate and culture for everyone at Bentley.
Patrick Couillard Hale
Director, Office of Diversity & Inclusion

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