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Information Technology

Project Management Office

The Bentley Project Management Office (PMO) provides project leadership and a standardized project management approach that ensures successful delivery of key University projects.

Through established IT governance, we will partner with stakeholders across the University to select the right projects for Bentley.  This way, we ensure that Bentley’s limited resources are focused on the most strategically aligned and highly valued projects.

Our approach of “just enough project management” ensures that projects are well-defined, that best practices are used to manage the project, and that expected outcomes are delivered successfully and without unnecessary overhead.

The PMO is here to:

  • Ensure successful project outcomes
  • Establish a “just enough project management” approach
  • Bring transparency to the project list, project selection, and all active project work
  • Streamline how projects gets requested, prioritized, resourced, executed, and handed off once completed
  • Establish and oversee IT Governance
  • Reduce duplicate efforts and redundant projects
  • Increase collaboration on projects
  • Facilitate and increase project communication
  • Help determine the best solutions to meet Bentley’s needs
  • Support business process improvement
  • Improve customer satisfaction

PMO Scope & Services Provided

  • New Project Intake and Analysis
  • IT Governance / Project Prioritization
  • Portfolio Management and Reporting
  • Facilitate Scheduling and Resource Allocation
  • Project Management
  • Project Management Templates
  • Provide Support for Non-PMO Project Managers