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Purchasing a Personal Computer

Bentley offers educational pricing on Lenovo and Apple computers. The offerings for brands, models and configurations are based on product quality, reliability and value. Computers and associated accessories can be purchased through the procurement portals provided by Micros Northeast (Lenovo Windows-based products) and Apple (MacOS products). These computers are intended for personal use only and are not intended for Bentley use. If you have a need for a Bentley Institutional purchase, please contact the Bentley IT Help Desk at

Purchasing your Personal Computer Through Vendor Portals

The Advantages of purchasing your computer through the vendor portal include:
  • A business-class machine ensures quality, durability and extended warranties
  • Pricing at an educational discount
  • Windows 10 Professional Operating System comes standard
  • A three-year hardware warranty is included in the price 
  • If you are purchasing a Lenovo laptop an optional three-year accidental damage protection plan is available at an additional cost which covers you for accidental drops, spills, structural failures, electrical surges and damage to your laptops integrated LCD screen

In addition, all personal purchases benefit from:

  • Microsoft Office available through Office 365 on your personal computer while you are employed at Bentley
  • Convenient access to computer hardware repair.

If you have any questions about purchasing an Apple computer, please contact Apple directly.