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Tickets & Citations

Issuance of Parking Citations

If you are issued a parking citation, it will be attached to your vehicle, handed to you, or mailed. We maintain a database of all tickets processed through our automated ticketing system.

Parking Citation Fines

Payment of fines are required upon receipt of the parking violation. These fines will be billed to your account. Until payment is made, a registrar’s hold will be placed on your account, which will preventing you from registering for classes.

Payment may be made by personal check made payable to Bentley University and mailed to the Cashier’s Office, Bentley University, 175 Forest Street, Waltham, MA 02452. Payment may also be made directly at the Cashier’s Office located in Rauch, Room 123.

If a vehicle receives three or more citations in an academic year, the vehicle will be towed at the owner’s expense. The dean of student affairs will be notified, in writing, upon the third parking violation in an academic year for consideration of judicial sanctions. In the case of first-year students who violate the parking restrictions, the dean of student affairs will be notified upon the first violation.

Written Citation Appeal

Only written appeals for legitimate discrepancies regarding the current parking policy will be heard. Appeals must be made by completing the online ticket appeal form and submitted within five days of the violation. If you were illegally parked for any reason, for any amount of time, your appeal will be denied. Opinions about the fairness of the fines or parking rules are not grounds for having a parking ticket overturned. Resident first-years are not allowed to appeal parking tickets.

Once a written appeal is submitted it will be heard and processed by the Student Parking Appeals Board. A staff member from the Division of Student Affairs will be available to serve as an advisor at each meeting. The members of the student appeals board will meet weekly to process available appeals. You will receive a decision from the board within 10 business days of your submission. If your appeal has been approved or reduced the associated fee will be adjusted within 14 business days.

Before entering a written citation appeal please be aware of these general rules: The absence of "No Parking" signs does not mean that parking is allowed. Locating a legal parking space is the responsibility of the vehicle’s operator. Vehicle hazard lights cannot be used to park in a fire lane, roadway, or any other area. Hazard lights are used for the purpose of notifying other vehicles approaching you that your vehicle is having mechanical problems, or is disabled. You must immediately notify University Police of any mechanical problems if such is the case. All vehicles parked on Bentley property must be properly registered and insured. Vehicles left on university property without valid registration plates are subject to removal at the owner's expense. Vehicles must be parked in white lined parking spaces only unless the proper HP placard or plate allows you to park in the blue lined HP spaces.

Student Appeal Board Hearing Request

All members of the community who believe their initial written appeal has been denied in error may request a student appeal board hearing. All outcomes of the hearing are final and may not be contested. Please review the grounds for a hearing and enter all requested information accurately.