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54 Companies That Hire Bentley Grads


54 Companies That Hire Bentley Grads

Do you have your sights set on working for an innovative, successful company in the future? Maybe even one in particular?

At Bentley, our Graduate Career Services office work to expand and foster long-term relationships—with both alumni and employers at leading-edge companies—to serve as a bridge between students and the business community.

Because of this, our graduate students go on to work for some pretty successful companies, both in Boston and around the globe.

Here is a list of some of those organizations, broken into categories based on industry.


Companies Who Have Hired Bentley Grad Students

For The Tech & Analytics Lover

If you’re interested in information technology, biotechnology, data analytics, or user experience (UX) design, these companies are for you. Among this list you’ll find some of the biggest names in the technology industry (Apple, Google, and HP to name a few) as well as several other well-known companies that are making huge strides in the tech industry. Positions held by Bentley grads among these companies include software engineer, senior analyst, senior UX designer, and human factors engineer.

  1. Akamai

  2. Apple Inc.

  3. Attivio

  4. Basis Technology

  5. Biogen

  6. Bloomberg

  7. Bose Corporation

  8. eBay

  9. EBSCO

  10. EMC

  11. Forrester Research

  12. Google

  13. HP

  14. Intel Corporation

  15. Red Hat

  16. Oracle

  17. Progress Software

  18. Quantiphi

  19. Tech Target

  20. United Technologies Corporation

  21. Virtusa

  22. Xamarin


For The Finance & Accounting Lover

If you’re interested in finance, accounting, or taxation, you’ll enjoy this list of companies. Among these businesses are local, Boston-based firms, as well as organizations located across the country. Each one serves the finance industry, and has hired Bentley grads as senior tax managers, financial planners, financial analysts, senior accountants, and more.


  1. AIG

  2. AuditOne LLC

  3. BDO

  4. CliftonLarsonAllen

  5. Deloitte

  6. Eastern Bank

  7. Ernst & Young

  8. FCI Advisors

  9. Feeley & Driscoll, PC

  10. Fidelity Investments

  11. GE Capital

  12. Grant Thornton

  13. KPMG

  14. Liberty Mutual

  15. McGladrey

  16. Peak Financial Management

  17. Vanguard


For The Business Lover

If you’re interested in consulting, marketing, communications, public relations, or anything else related to business management, you’ll be interested in these companies. This list includes globally-recognized businesses spanning multiple industries, who have hired Bentley grads as directors, vice presidents, senior marketing managers, senior consultants, and more.


  1. American Express

  2. Bloomberg

  3. Converse

  4. Fastly, Inc.

  5. BJ's Wholesale Club

  6. Constant Contact

  7. Hill Holliday

  8. KPMG

  9. Liberty Mutual

  10. MathWorks

  11. Monotype Imaging

  12. OneShield, Inc.

  13. Oracle

  14. Piehead

  15. PricewaterhouseCoopers


Build Relationships

We know your ultimate goal is to lead a successful, fulfilling career. By attending graduate school, students learn the skills and strategies needed to build that career, and are provided opportunities to make lasting connections and long-term relationships with fellow students, faculty, and employers who can lead them to the job they’ve been waiting for.

Is it time for you to make those connections by getting your graduate degree?


by Helen Henrichs February 4, 2019

The ranking is based on student surveys that reveal Bentley students feel exceptionally supported by the university's career services team. 

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