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by Kristen Walsh February 22, 2019

New research by doctoral student Landi Morris and Professor Rani Hoitash examines the impact of the flu on the work of auditors -- and what that means for clients.

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February 15, 2019

Professor of Global Studies Joni Seager's latest book, "The Women’s Atlas," provides comprehensive global data on the key issues facing women today.

by Kristin Livingston December 6, 2018

A grant of $200,000 from the biopharma firm Alkermes will support faculty and student research and create a new course about the delivery of healthcare.

by Helen Meldrum December 3, 2018

Helen Meldrum, associate professor of natural and applied sciences, asks 45 executives what it takes to succeed in the competitive life sciences industry.  

November 30, 2018

The seminar, "Research Researching Out: Translating the Impact of Scholarship to the Public," allowed faculty from Bentley and MIT to share their insights. 

TOPICS: Research
November 29, 2018

Biology textbooks used in intro college courses present a negative picture of business, according to a new study from the Center for Integration of Science and Industry.

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StatNews November 28, 2018

Research conducted by the Center for Integration of Science and Industry at suggests that when business is mentioned in the biology textbooks of undergraduate college students, the context is often negative. 

VOX October 2, 2018

Research from the Center for Integration of Science and Industry is featured in this article about the price of cancer therapies.

Nature: Human Behavior September 17, 2018

Professor of Global Studies Bonnie Field co-authors an article about the Catalonian independence movement.

by Joanna Howarth August 24, 2018

How many new medicines rely on government funding? The short answer: all of them.