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February 13, 2018

Federally funded research contributed to the science underlying all new medicines approved by the FDA over the past six years, according to a new study by Bentley University.

The Daily Aztec February 7, 2018

Bentley Economics Professor Dhaval Dave is featured for his research regarding smoking bans and youth health.

by George Grattan February 1, 2018

David Missirian, assistant professor of law, taxation and financial planning at Bentley University, sees a growing legal and financial risk to colleges, universities, and high schools connected to student athlete concussions. He published on this topic most recently with the Berkeley Journal of Entertainment and Sports Law, and thinks now is a critical time for schools to get well positioned on what he calls “an overlooked legal and ethical minefield.”

TOPICS: Research
by George Grattan January 19, 2018

Dan Everett has spent a lot of time looking into the past. Now, with his latest book acting as a kind of closing argument for his side of anthropology’s “language wars,” he’s looking toward the future, shifting his inquiries from the ancient origins of language to the philosophical implications of culture and cognition. 

by George Grattan January 17, 2018

Please peruse the following select examples of our faculty research efforts that have either been published or accepted by leading outlets, as well as examples of awards and honors our faculty have received. For previous lists, click here.

Bloomberg Radio December 20, 2017

Professor of Economics Jeff Livingston discusses his new research that explores how monetary incentives can significantly increase the performance of American students on standardized tests.

by Michael Hartigan December 19, 2017

He may be an expert in virtual reality, but Assistant Professor Jon Ericson’s work has very real implications for the future of health care and its study at Bentley University.

TOPICS: Research
by George Grattan December 19, 2017

Associate Professor of Sociology Miriam Boeri’s new book, Hurt: Chronicles of the Drug War Generation (University of California Press), tells the stories of drug users from the “Baby Boomer” generation, whose teenage years and adulthood coincided with the punitive “War on Drugs.” Boeri shares their stories, including that of her own brother Harry, with an eye toward the influences of law, race, gender, and class on the lives of drug users.

by George Grattan December 18, 2017

A national information technology association has honored Bentley Professor of Computer Information Systems Heikki Topi for his teaching and research. 

TOPICS: Research
Wall Street Journal November 27, 2017

New research conducted by Associate Professor of Economics Jeff Livingston found that monetary incentives can significantly increase the performance of American students on standardized tests.