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by Joanna Howarth  December 8, 2016

Bentley University research fellow Michael J. Walsh leads study finding algae to have potential to mitigate climate change

TOPICS: Research
November 4, 2016

Though technology has drastically changed how we travel, one thing remains the same: tourists still value the printed brochures available around the world.

TOPICS: News, Research
Wharton Magazine October 31, 2016

Management Professor Martin Conyon’s research on performance appraisals is highlighted in an interview with his research partner.

by George Grattan September 26, 2016

The Outstanding Scholarly Contribution awards recognize specific, distinct scholarly accomplishments by Bentley faculty each year. 

by George Grattan September 23, 2016

Dr. Alex Zampieron, emeritus professor of International Economics, is the first recipient of the 2016-2017 Dr. Gregory H. Adamian Award for Lifetime Excellence in Teaching.  

TOPICS: Research
by George Grattan September 23, 2016

Dr. Jane Fedorowicz, the Chester B. Slade professor of Accounting and Information Systems, received the 2016-2017 Mee Family Prize for a lifetime of research excellence.  

September 13, 2016

Professor of Sociology Miriam Boeri is available to comment on the myths versus the facts of marijuana use in regards question 4. 

by George Grattan September 2, 2016

Bentley Professor of Natural and Applied Sciences P. Thompson (“Thom”) Davis has been researching the history of deglaciation in Canada and New England for decades.  Recently, he and two colleagues (Asst. Prof. Jeremy Shakun at Boston College and Professor Paul Bierman at The University of Vermont) were awarded a three-year, $265,117 grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to study the timing and rate of the thinning of the southeastern Laurentide Ice Sheet (LIS) during the last major period of deglaciation after the Pleistocene epoch, or the “Ice Age.” 

by George Grattan August 25, 2016

Mari-Klara Stein, graduate of the Bentley PhD program in Business, recently won the 2016 CIONET “European Research Paper of the Year” award with three colleagues, Bentley’s University Distinguished Professor and former Provost, Bob Galliers, former Bentley Professor and PhD Director, Sue Newell, and Erica Wagner from Portland State University. 

TOPICS: Research
by George Grattan August 9, 2016

Bentley University’s Co-Provost and Dean of Arts and Sciences Daniel Everett talked with us recently about a wide range of topics, including being featured in a new book by Tom Wolfe, two of his own upcoming books, the importance of studying the origins of language, and the value of a fusion approach to business education.