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Our world is built on technology. At Bentley, your education is too.

Opportunities to hone your skills are woven into every aspect of your curriculum, from your basic degree requirements to advanced studies in your major. With our seven high-tech learning labs, well-connected library, integrated classrooms, and powerful business network, few schools can match the college technology resources we have here. It’s all designed to make sure that you master the tools of the trade, long before leaving campus.


Accounting Center for Electronic Learning and Business Measurement (ACELAB)

Dig into fast-paced accounting tutorials or state-of-the-art accounting software in the ACELAB, home to the cutting-edge tools that are reshaping the accounting profession.


  • Software programs including ACL, Great Plains Learning Insights, Peachtree and TurboTax
  • Breakout room with 15 individual and group workstations, 42-inch Panasonic plasma display screens, and conference room with Mitsubishi projector
  • Networked laser printer
  • 36 networked Pentium III computers


Center for Languages and International Collaboration (CLIC)

Prepare for a study abroad trip, practice your language skills or simply immerse yourself in a new culture with the CLIC’s broad language learning resources.


  • Rosetta Stone software in more than 25 languages
  • 24-seat theater with international satellite broadcasting in six languages
  • 15-station PC area networked to the Tandberg Prisma language system
  • Live video conferencing
  • Two bistro-style rooms for one-on-one conversation

Center for Marketing Technology (CMT)

Get to work on marketing projects for corporate partners like Apple and Converse in the CMT, a digital playground equipped with the latest industry software and research tools.


  • Focus group suite with discussion room and observation room with one-way mirror
  • Data analytics lab with software such as MediaMark Reporter, Qualboard, Qualitap, Qualtrics, SPSS and TAPSCAN
  • SMART classroom with document camera, audio/video system and marketing analytics technology
  • Satellite lab with web conferencing

Computer Information Systems (CIS) Sandbox

The Computer Information Systems (CIS) Sandbox is Bentley’s technology social learning space where students gather to collaborate on projects, work one-on-one with tutors, participate in IT workshops, build mobile apps, create video games, and explore new technology trends and devices.

Resources available in the CIS Sandbox include:

  • Collaboration stations
  • Large touch screen and wireless displays
  • Android tablets
  • Raspberry pi computers
  • Virtual reality devices
  • Windows, Linux, and Android development software


Media and Culture Labs and Studio

Put your creative skills to work in the Media and Culture Labs and Studio, a production facility with the latest tools for media of all kinds: video, sound, digital photography and design.


  • Sound-proofed production studio with green screen capabilities and lighting grid
  • Post-production software, including Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, After Effects and Flash
  • Editing suites with Mackie mixing board, NTSC monitors, and AVID and ProTools software
  • Digital video cameras, microphones, audio accessories, and lighting and grip equipment
  • 36 Mac workstations

Trading Room

Gain exposure to the intricacies of risk management, asset valuation and portfolio construction in the financial Trading Room, one of a select few of such facilities nationwide.


  • Software such as Crystal Ball Pro, DataStream Advance, FactSet, Mergent Horizon, Morningstar Direct, S&P Compustat, SPSS and William O’Neil Direct Access
  • Three ticker tapes displaying market information, news headlines and real-time data
  • 24 Bloomberg terminals
  • 60 Hewlett-Packard XW4600 workstations
  • 10 IBM servers offering file and application serving

User Experience Center (UXC)

Head to the UXC to experiment with the latest technologies in user experience and usability research, evaluation and design.


  • Two usability labs with test, control and observation rooms with state-of-the-art monitoring and recording equipment
  • SMI Vision eye-tracking technology
  • 25 networked workstations for large-scale testing and focus groups
  • Webcams and screen capturing software
  • Post-production video editing software