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Undergraduate Admission

Online Learning at Bentley

Check out some of our online courses in action

Using state-of-the-art teleconferencing and networking technology, Bentley students are able to replicate the classroom experience in a remote setting, giving them access to and feedback from professors and fellow classmates. This approach also works beyond the classroom setting as student organization meetings and informal activities such as Trivia Night and even student elections can take place remotely. This resilience and creativity has always been part of the Bentley experience, and now it’s keeping us together as a community even when we’re away from campus. 

How taking risks in sound design can produce big payoffs in filmmaking

Liz Ledoux online course


Course: Audio Production and Sound Design
Professor: Liz LeDoux, Senior Lecturer, English and Media Studies


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Exploring different ways to manage diversity in the workplace

mateo cruz class


Course: Diversity at Work

Professor: Mateo Cruz, Lecturer, Management


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Uncovering a mystery in Florida's Indian River Lagoon

betsy stoner class


Course: Oceanography

Professor: Besty Stoner, Lecturer, Natural and Applied Sciences


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Online learning is really efficient! Students are only a click away from being in their classroom.
Ramsey Abdulrahim
Class of 2021

Making pandemic short films in the age of coronavirus

jeff Stern class


Course: Video Production
Professor: Jeff Stern, Senior Lecturer, English and Media Studies


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Understanding workers' rights and employment at will

liz brown course


Course: Employment Law
Professor: Liz Brown, Associate Professor, Law, Taxation, and Financial Planning


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Pitching experiential marketing solutions to corporate partners

erin flynn class


Course: Corporate Immersion

Professor: Erin Flynn, Lecturer, Marketing


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Teaching online has been so much fun, and a great opportunity to rethink and reinvent the ways I help my students learn about business law and ethics. My students and I are also connecting more on an individual basis, since we all have more flexibility now about when we can meet. Although we are located all over the world, I feel just as close to my students now as I did when we were all in Waltham.
Liz Brown
Associate Professor, Law, Taxation, and Financial Planning

Harnessing creativity to sell products nobody wants

andy ayleworth class


Course: Enhancing Creativity

Professor: Andy Aylesworth, Associate Professor, Marketing


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Tackling COVID-19 with a New York-based epidemiologist

zoe wagner class


Course: Human Biology

Professor: Zoe Wagner, Lecturer, Natural and Applied Sciences


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