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Undergraduate Admission

Transfer Credit Policies

Following your admission to Bentley, we will send you a tentative transfer credit evaluation.

If you are admitted to Bentley, you will receive the initial transfer credit evaluation by email shortly after you receive your transfer admission decision. This document will list each course accepted by Bentley, identify its equivalency and the number of credit hours transferred. When assessing courses for transfer credit, our goal is to ensure that the course content and rigor is comparable to the class offered at Bentley. You must complete 121 academic credits and other graduation requirements to earn a Bentley degree.

First-Year applicants, please refer to our Advanced Standing Credit policies.

We will award credit for:

  • Courses where you have earned a "C" grade or higher
  • Courses with three semester credit hours or more
  • Courses that are academic in nature
  • Courses completed at a regionally accredited institution or non-U.S. institution recognized by the Ministry of Education

Additional Policies

  • Only two courses may transfer into the academic major area of study
  • Only one course may transfer into the academic minor
  • If you completed AP, IB, college, etc. credit prior to your college enrollment, please see our Advanced Standing Credit policies.
  • A maximum of 60 transfer credits may be awarded from all sources of credit combined.
  • Courses that are remedial or offered at the pre-collegiate level or the CLEP (Credit by Exam or Prior Learning) exams will not be accepted for credit.
  • We will not award credit for internships or life experience. 


To receive potential transfer credit for courses, please submit all syllabi requested by the Office of Undergraduate Admission by the following deadlines:

  • Enrolling in Fall 2023: July 15, 2023
  • Enrolling in Spring 2024: January 12, 2024

Failure to submit syllabi by these deadlines may result in loss of credit and/or affect degree progression at Bentley. Syllabi can be emailed to ugadmission@​bentley.​edu and must be in English.

We reserve the right to adjust our transfer credit policies at any time.