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Center for Business Ethics

Associates and Visitors

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Advisory Board

HCBE is honored to have an advisory board composed of highly regarded business ethics practitioners and scholars. The board (1) assists HCBE in its efforts to foster an ethical framework for the conduct of business and to establish greater cooperation on ethical issues among academic, corporate, government, labor, and public interest groups; (2) builds relationships with the business community and the public at large that advance HCBE’s interests, contributions, and reputation; (3) contributes to the creation of an atmosphere of intellectual discourse on matters of business ethics at the center and the university that respects and values all points of view; and (4) recognizes and responds to public concerns on ethical business practices both in the United States and abroad.

Advisory Board Members

Emeritus Advisory Board Members

On occasion, board members may be available to speak to classes, organizations, and meetings on matters pertaining to business ethics, or to provide consulting services.

The board was formerly known as the Kallman Executive Fellows, named after Ernest A. Kallman, PhD (1936-1996), who was a research fellow at HCBE as well as Professor of Computer Information Systems at Bentley University. Professor Kallman was crucial in establishing the link between the theory and practice of business ethics, and we keep that spirit alive in the center to this day.

Faculty Fellows

To be an HCBE Faculty Fellow is to be committed to exploring ethical issues in business, broadly construed, in one's research and teaching. Our Fellows have distinguished records of academic achievement, manifest in publications, presentations, course development, case preparation, teaching excellence, outside grants, partnerships, consulting, and other activities. Faculty Fellows are part of the HCBE’s presence on the Bentley campus and in the wider community. While they share a commitment to the importance of ethics in business, they do not conform to a particular line of thought or set of answers to the question of what ethics requires. A diversity of viewpoints is valued and debate is encouraged.

Current Fellows

Aaron Ancell

Ryan Bouldin
Natural and Applied Sciences

Jill Brown        

Cynthia Clark

Noah Giansiracusa
Mathematical Sciences

Mahendra Gujarathi

Marco Marabelli
Computer Information Systems 

Mareike Mohlmann
Computer Information Systems 

Sandeep Purao
Computer Information Systems

Visiting Scholars

Come visit us! If you have an interest in being considered as a HCBE Visiting Scholar, please review the application information. For more information, contact Gail Sands.

One of the great resources of HCBE is the Visiting Scholars Program, in operation for more than 20 years. During this period, we have had scholars from at least 20 countries in addition to several from the U.S. Visiting Scholars work at HCBE for a period of a few months to a year.

Through the generosity of the John L. Casey family, funding will be available to assist Visiting Scholars in purchasing research materials. Jack Casey was HCBE's first Executive Fellow.


1. Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity, Inc.

Alpha Kappa Psi is a professional business fraternity with chapters at more than 200 of the top universities in the US, Canada and the United Kingdom.  It was founded in 1904 to support the growing need for formal business education at universities and to educate future business executives in leadership and professional ethics. Through this partnership the W. Michael Hoffman Center for Business Ethics (HCBE) has access to the membership of Alpha Kappa Psi for purposes of promoting ethics and the Center’s programs, and in turn HCBE is committed to supporting Alpha Kappa Psi in promoting its programs and providing the fraternity with speakers as well as materials pertaining to ethics education.

2. Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI)

Back in 1991, the Hoffman Center for Business Ethics was the “facilitating institution” that led to the creation of what would become the Ethics & Compliance Officer Association (ECOA), now the Ethics & Compliance Intiative (ECI), with Dr. Hoffman, HCBE’s founding Executive Director, serving as the ECOA’s first Executive Director for five years and then as Advisor to the ECOA Board for ten years. From the beginning, the two organizations have worked closely to help in the advancement and professionalization of the corporate ethics movement. Emblematic of this partnership has been the annual “Managing Ethics in Organizations (MEO)” course that is co-hosted by the two organizations. MEO is the leading executive education course for those seeking to advance their expertise in the professional management of ethics in organizations.

3. Institute for Ethics in Communication and Organizations (IECO)

With strong connections to many Spanish universities and scholars, the recently founded Institute for Ethics in Communication and Organizations (IECO) based in Valencia, Spain, promises to be one of the leading business ethics research institutes in Europe. The Hoffman Center for Business Ethics and IECO have agreed to share their facilities in order to promote research in the areas of business ethics and corporate social responsibility. Both centers have agreed to make their facilities mutually accessible to PhD candidates, post-doctoral students, professors and executives as visiting scholars. In this way, they will make available the use of their respective libraries and other resources in the service of advancing the users academic and professional careers and to further the advancement of the business ethics movement generally.

4. Institute of Business Ethics (IBE)

HCBE is pleased to partner with the Institute of Business Ethics (IBE) based in London, United Kingdom. IBE was established in 1986 to encourage high standards of business conduct based on ethical values. The Institute assists in the development, implementation, and embedding of effective and relevant ethics and corporate responsibility policies and programs.  It helps organizations to provide guidance to staff and build relationships of trust with their principal stakeholders. In these and other ways, IBE seeks to raise awareness of business ethics through the dissemination of knowledge and best practices by offering educational services and training programs conducted independently or in partnership with other domestic United Kingdom and international organizations. Rather than a university-based center, IBE was founded by business people for business people.

5. The Ethics Institute (TEI) 

The Ethics Institute Logo

The Ethics Institute (TEI) is an independent public institute producing original thought leadership and offering a range of services and products related to organisational ethics. TEI is based in South Africa and works with organisations in the public and private sectors, as well as with professional associations, across Africa and internationally. Their vision is ‘building an ethically responsible society’.

6. Responsible Research in Business and Management

Bentley University is a Partner in the Responsible Research in Business & Management initiative. The purpose of this initiative is to produce “credible knowledge that is ultimately useful for addressing problems important to business and society.” Businesses are integral to modern society, and scholars around the world generate an enormous amount of research about how businesses work. RRBM encourages scholars to perform research that can help to make the world a better place. HCBE is proud to support research on the Bentley campus that advances this end.