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Programs and Events


The Hoffman Center for Business Ethics leads Bentley’s efforts to integrate business ethics and corporate responsibility into the graduate and undergraduate curricula. These efforts resulted in Bentley offering the nation’s first MBA concentration in business ethics in 1995 and the first Graduate Certificate in Business Ethics in the same year.

Graduate Certificate in Business Ethics
The Graduate Certificate in Business Ethics program was developed by HCBE and the Bentley Graduate School of Business as demand grows for advanced education credentials for ethics professionals. Participants learn to handle sensitive ethical issues in business and develop skills and expertise relevant to working with an organizational ethics office or program. This is attainable with only two or three weeks in residence at Bentley University. Email to learn how. 

Managing Ethics in Organizations co-sponsored by HCBE and the ECI
HCBE offers a five-day executive development course in partnership with the Ethics & Compliance Initiative. Introduced in 1995, Managing Ethics in Organizations was the first course in the world to provide ethics and compliance practitioners with a professional credential as well as the practical knowledge and tools to manage an organization's efforts to ensure business integrity.

State Street Global Business Ethics Symposium
The Symposium follows from a multi-year partnership between Bentley University and the State Street Foundation in which international experts, corporate leaders, academics, media, and government representatives come together for an intensive one-day conference dedicated to exploring practical challenges in business ethics and the best practices for responding to them.

State Street Global Business Ethics Faculty Workshop
Business Ethics touches every aspect of business and the world of work for which Bentley students are being prepared. Recognizing this, since 1991, HCBE has been helping faculty, across the academic spectrum, to integrate business ethics into their classes. The week-long Business Ethics Teaching Workshop brings together approximately 20 different professors each year, drawn from various academic disciplines, to learn about and share innovative teaching methods and class discussion tools. Since 2004, with support from State Street Corporation, the Business Ethics Teaching Workshop has been open to professors from universities all over the world.


Raytheon Lectureship in Business Ethics
Presented by HCBE at Bentley University with the generous support of the Raytheon Company. HCBE is a partner in the Bentley Alliance for Ethics and Social Responsibility.

Verizon Visiting Professorship in Business Ethics
Presented by HCBE at Bentley University through the generous support of Verizon Communications, Inc., the Verizon Lectureship is held each year, typically in February.

Sears Lectureship in Business Ethics
Presented by HCBE at Bentley University through the generous support of Sears, Roebuck & Co., the Sears Lectureship took place from 1998 until fall 2002.