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COVID-19 Update

Commencement 2020 will be held later this year. Click here for Commencement info. For all updates, visit:


Center for Marketing Technology

CMT Virtual Assistance - March – May 2020

Virtual CMT Hours:  

All CMT staff are on remote duty responding to CMT emails and available on the phone and Zoom for consultations, tutoring and support during our normal hours

Monday - Thursday: 9:00 AM - 6:30 PM

Friday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Virtual drop-ins or appointments are possible by emailing us at


Marketing Tools Tutorial Support:

Qualtrics - How to write a survey, creating online surveys, analyzing data.

SPSS - Analyzing data and developing customer insight.

Online Focus Groups - How to use Zoom to conduct a virtual focus group.

MRI - Using MRI database to develop customer personas. (Students and faculty members can get access to three years’ worth of data by creating a free account. To access University Report registration page please click here. If you have any trouble creating your account or logging in, you can contact the GfK MRI Client Relations team at

Tableau - How to create various kinds of data visualizations and create story for your data analysis. (To look at an actual report created for Bentley’s class assignments via following the Tableau tutorial, please click here)

Qualitap - Using Qualitap to develop customer insight and buyer personas

Neuro-Marketing (Eye tracking and bio-sensors)How to analyze what consumers see. The CMT uses the iMotions platform to conduct neuro-marketing experiments to better understand consumer behavior and responses to marketing stimuli.

Marketing Research Databases - Strategies to use databases from Mintel, Euromonitor, Gartner, Forrester and others to reveal market and customer Knowledge and insight (Tutorial coming soon)Neuro-sensory Perception Tools - How to understand what consumers feel and sense (Tutorial coming soon)

*Please click the blue text to download tutorials. If you need additional guidance/assistance about the above topics, please email us at


Virtual CMT Support:

Zoom Tutorials: Qualtrics, SPSS, Qualitap, Tableau, WordPress, Google AdWords/Analytics, MRI, and other market research databases

Facilitating & Hosting Online Focus Groups: Please email us at for appointment

Networking and Industry Virtual Events: To be scheduled, please check back frequently


Support Materials for Marketers During the COVID-19 Crisis:

Click here for more information