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8 Experience Design Podcasts to Explore (Plus blogs and books too!)

by Riley Kundtz

As the experience design realm expands and evolves, it is important to keep up with the latest news, trends, and find inspiration. No matter where you are professionally, there is likely a podcast, a book, or an article for you. This list is aimed to help any person in the experience design community expand their knowledge base and stay connected.


1. 97 UX Things

This book turned podcast is a great resource for anyone working in user experience. The book includes wise advice and articles that help you develop your UX skills. The podcast takes the book a step further, diving deep into the chapter topics with the authors who contributed to the book.

Podcast link:

Book Link:


2. This is HCD

This is HCD is a website that offers a podcast network that is home to 8 HCD themed podcasts as well as professional development training to learn new skills. The website covers a variety of topics such as UX design, service design, research, and more. The goal is to bring together a community of people who are interested in making a difference in the Human-Centered Design world.



3. In Machines We Trust

This award-winning podcast dives into our over-reliance on machines and the automation of everything. While it is not directly tied to UX, this podcast explores the impacts of artificial intelligence in our everyday lives. Jennifer Strong covers a variety of topics in AI, but a good starting place for new listeners is with the series on the use of facial recognition technology by police.



4. 99% invisible

Created by Roman Mars, this podcast (and book!) is a chart-topping pick. It does not exclusively focus of UX, instead it covers the thought processes that goes into the unnoticed things in the world of architecture, infrastructure, technology, and more. This is a great podcast to help inspire you to be creative and think in new ways.




5. User Defenders

Hosted by Jason Ogle, User defenders is a podcast that aims to empower designers to be the best in their jobs and as human beings. Ogle hosts different industry superstars to tell design stories and reveal their design strengths. As Ogle puts it, “you’ll discover how-tos but much more importantly you’ll discover why-tos.”



6. Nielsen Norman Group

Founded by Don Norman and Jakob Nielsen, NN/Group is a staple for information about research-based user experience. This site is a great resource for articles, trainings, videos, and books about UX research. Recently the group has developed a podcast called NN/g Podcast on research, design, strategy, and professional development. The goal is to spread the UX and research-based knowledge. This is a great site to bookmark.



7. Design Detail

Hosted by Brian Lovin and Marshall Bock, this podcast explores UX design, interfaces, product design, and more. With over 300 episodes created, there are starter episodes for new listeners to get a feel for their podcast. Episodes include information on design struggles, career progression, and design ethics.



8. Experience by Design

This podcast explores all aspects of the design experience. Hosted by Gary David and Adam Gamwell, the two ponder the buzzword “experience design” and explore human experiences in the world today. The episodes include interviews with leading cognitive and social scientist, business leaders, and entrepreneurs. (Full disclosure, Gary David is a faculty member of Bentley University and teaches in the Bentley University Human Factors and Information Design, and Certificate programs.)



This list is just a start. Whether you are new to the field, looking to enhance your skills, or want to stay up to date on UX topics, there are many resources out there to help any UXer on their professional journey!

Riley Kundtz
Research Associate

Riley is a Research Associate at the User Experience Center. Before joining the team, she worked in Recruiting & Program Management for seven years at both HubSpot and The Boston Consulting Group. In these roles, she recruited MBA students while also designing and executing internal programming. Riley also has a love for houseplants, and she is an avid Cleveland sports fan.

Riley holds a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Women and Gender Studies from Bates College. She is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Human Factors in Information Design from Bentley University.