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Tips to Pay for Your MBA from Admission Director Gordon Berridge

Gordon Berridge, Senior Associate Director of Graduate Admission and M.B.A. '21 was featured in a recent Yahoo! News article 15 Ways to Find Money to Pay for an MBA. View this post to see Gordon's recommendations and additional resources to help fund your graduate education.

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Merit-based scholarships are a key source he recommends that applicants look out for, stating that "most schools, including Bentley, offer a number of merit MBA scholarships that don't involve a work component." Bentley offers scholarships to qualified full-time and part-time graduate students in the form of tuition reduction. 

Graduate assistantships or student employment positions can also help students with tuition costs while gaining additional experience to bolster their resume: "These positions are generally offered to full-time graduate students with limited work experience and are awarded for merit."

Industry scholarships can be a valuable tool as well for funding opportunities, whether applying for an MBA or any business master's programs: "If you're interested in taxation, research what types of scholarships are available for people looking to pursue a taxation degree."

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Be sure to connect with the Graduate Admission team if you have questions on scholarships and funding, the application process, or any of our graduate programs!