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Diversity & Inclusion

CMYK: C0 M72 Y78 K0

Information Technology

Strategic Initiatives for Racial Justice

Responsible Cabinet Member: Susan Walsh, Interim Vice President and Chief Information Officer 

2021-22 Commitments

We are committed to raising our personal awareness about challenges and opportunities related to DEI in the technology field, and will work to increase awareness within our department and across the institution. 

  • IT will run workshops highlighting the issue of digital accessibility for the community with examples and stories of what to consider, best practices and why it’s important for the Bentley community to think about digital accessibility. 

  • Participate in and support the work of the Inclusive Excellence Council.  

IT will establish partnerships to support, mentor and help close the opportunity divide by providing internship(s) where students can use their skills to solve business problems while gaining new competencies to further their career. 

  • Explore programs with organizations such as Year Up and establish a pilot program for a rotational IT internship for Spring 2022.

2020-21 Commitments

Assess Service Delivery to Ensure Racial Equity

Information Technology will assess all service metrics and develop a plan to ensure racial equity across all user experiences, including professional development focused on cultural competency.  

Identify Technology Solutions to Support Racial Justice

IT will partner with all divisions to identify technology solutions to support the equity-based assessment, monitoring and tracking of efforts to support racial justice.