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Be a Force

Doing Business and Doing Good are What We are All About

Bentley University is a place for leaders who set out to create positive change in our communities, organizations and the world. We believe in doing business and doing good at the same time.

Our brand is a direct reflection of that spirit and allows us to express ourselves in a way that’s compelling, inspiring, consistent, and most importantly, unique to Bentley.

Our Brand Platform

To be a force is to make a difference, big or small. It’s about accountability, recognizing the need for positive change and acting on it. It’s about understanding others, challenging the status quo and making an impact that doesn’t just move business forward, but that moves us all forward.

Be a Force represents our point view and our point of difference. It reflects everything we do, say and believe because it’s born of who we are. Be a Force represents our brand position and pillars, our university mission and values and our unique voice and personality. It is at the intersection of leadership and understanding, rooted in Bentley's history but with an eye toward our future growth.

Chris Joyce
Be a Force is a product of community input, market research and creativity, but most importantly it captures the true spirit of our Bentley community, its mission, passion and essence, and allows us to share our story with the world.
Christopher J. Joyce
VP for Marketing and Communications


Why Brand Matters

Simply put, our brand is how Bentley makes you feel. Is the sum total of the experiences people have with us, what they believe about us and why we matter in their lives. A consistent expression of our brand helps the world understand exactly who we are and what we’ve set out to do. When conveyed accurately, it allows our reputation to thrive and our network grow.

Aylesworth Andy
A brand is so much more than a logo. It’s everything we do, every contact anyone has with us. It’s our most important and valuable asset.
Andy Aylesworth
Associate Professor and Chair, Marketing Department

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We're looking for faculty, staff and students who want to become Brand Ambassadors! If you are interested in learning more about brand marketing and want to help us roll out Be a Force at Bentley, sign up below.

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