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Our Bentley Athletics logo system was updated to better connect to the institutional brand and represent our student-athletes, teams, fans and community at large. It also celebrates our student athletes achievements on and off the field, along with the core key attributes that define our teams; competitive, strong and determined.


Athletics Shield

The athletics shield is our main athletics mark, and can be used by itself or paired with the Falcon Mascot logo. 



The Falcon Mascot

The Falcon Mascot is meant to complement our athletics shield, but can be used by itself in some instances.



Athletics Wordmark  

Bentley Athletics' wordmark is meant to evoke the dynamism and momentum that our athletics department is experiencing while inviting all Falcons to be part of it.

Athletics Wordmark


Athletic Lockup

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Athletics Lockup

Use of the athletics logos is limited to Varsity, Intramural and Club Sports only. For additional usage approval please contact

If you have questions or need additional resources, contact or visit

Download our new athletics zoom backgrounds