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The licensing program at Bentley University aims to protect the name, designs and colors of the university  including the trademarks, designs, team names, nicknames and other symbols that have or will come to be associated with Bentley  from unauthorized use. 


  • Protect the Bentley University name and ensure that its use is compatible with the university's overall brand.
  • Assure that products bearing Bentley University’s name are manufactured by socially and ethically responsible vendors that comply with fair labor standards.
  • Monitor and prevent misrepresentation of our mission, goals and reputation through careful monitoring of products carrying our indicia.

Approved Vendors

To ensure quality, consistency and the appropriateness of a product’s design, purchases for all products featuring Bentley University branding must be made from licensed vendors.

Bentley departments, centers, registered student organizations and other university organizations that use the Bentley marks are exempt from paying any royalties if the merchandise is for internal use and not for resale. However, anyone producing items for commercial use will be charged a royalty fee. Regardless of intended use, everyone must use licensed vendors.

Need help getting one of your vendors licensed?

Bentley’s licensing program is managed in partnership with the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC). For more information, please contact