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10 Blogs to Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of UX

Published by Gitanjali Stevens

10 Blogs to Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of UX

Published by Gitanjali Stevens

The User Experience (UX) field is interminably in a state of flux; it is dynamic by its very nature.

How are you supposed to keep up?

New developments continually bubble to the surface and reshape UX-ers’ jobs in diverse ways. For example, design conventions, technologies, and even the name of the industry itself has morphed several times within the past decade.

Both novice and seasoned UX-ers, therefore, share the need to be up-to-date in the latest UX developments.

My need to keep my finger on the pulse of the UX field spawned the Top 10 list below. I began compiling the list for myself, but subsequently realized that others might also find it to be of value. The outcome of my research is a curated inventory of a broad cross-section of blogs. Some of these blogs are directly related to UX; others are tangential and ostensibly non-obvious blogs which you may not have thought to follow. Although these blogs are diverse, they share a common purpose: to inform their readers about cutting-edge shifts in the field of UX design.

 A few notes about this list and my rankings:

  • The rankings in this list (#1, #2, etc) are the product of my subjective evaluations of the blogs that I find especially interesting, novel, and/or valuable.
  • None of the above blogs have “UX” in their title. My logic was that blogs with “UX” in their title can already be easily found in a simple Google Search (i.e., UX Magazine, the UXPin Blog, UX Booth).
  • The UXC blog isn’t included in the list of ten blogs since this compilation is intended to contain resources in addition to this blog, but in case you don't already know, The UXC Blog covers a wide range of UX related topics written by a variety of UX professionals with varied backgrounds and perspectives and work at the User Experience Center, a UX research, design, and strategy consultancy at Bentley University.

One way to answer to the question 'How are you supposed to keep up?' is simply by regularly reading the blogs on this top ten list. I hope that this list serves as a resource to help you stay up on with all that’s new and fresh in the world of UX. 


Top 10 list of UX Blogs

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Do you know of other UX blogs that you think should make the cut? Feel free to email me at: or message me via LinkedIn: Gitanjali Stevens




GitanjaliGitanjali Stevens

Gitanjali is a User Experience (UX) Research and Design Associate at the User Experience Center (UXC). Prior to joining the UXC, she worked as a educator and instructional designer at schools in the Boston Area. She is passionate about researching and designing meaningful experiences, understanding users’ mental models, and learning about their values. In addition, she is fascinated by the intersection between technology, ethics, and innovation.

Gitanjali holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of British Columbia where she majored in International Relations and minored in English. She also holds a Master of Education degree from the University of Toronto. She is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Human Factors in Information Design at Bentley University.



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