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Global Business Ethics Symposium (GBES)

The 2018 Global Business Ethics Symposium is scheduled for May 21, followed by the Business Ethics Teaching Workshop from May 22-25.

Announcing the 2018 Global Business Ethics Week Symposium - “The Ethics of Inclusion". REGISTER NOW!

The workforce has never been so diverse but there is currently a heightened tension across society and in many workplaces. What should companies do differently as they think about inclusion in the workplace? How do companies create more diverse boards?  Fight bias and discrimination? Engage men as allies? Infuse ethics into the workplace culture? 

Come join us as we explore these and other questions! Bentley University – known for its ethics education – is hosting a symposium on “The Ethics of Inclusion” to uncover some of the lessons learned from renown practitioners and academics.

The Bentley Alliance for Ethics and Social Responsibility proudly presents the 2018 Bentley Global Business Ethics Symposium in partnership with the State Street Foundation and the Gloria Cordes Larson Center for Women and Business. The 14th in a multi-year partnership, the event brings together international academicians, corporate and civil society leaders, and media to explore best practices and challenges in business ethics and ethics education. The program is held in memory of Timothy B. Harbert, Chairman and CEO of State Street Global Advisors and Trustee and Alumnus of Bentley College.

Register, view the agenda, and book your room!

For further information, please contact Cynthia Clark (781-891-2015) or Kristen Nill (781-216-7133).