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Diversity in the Curriculum

Fulfilling our mission as an institution depends on the ability of everyone in our community becoming more competent in dealing with people who seem different from us. 

U.S. Diversity Intensive Requirement

All Bentley students must satisfy a Diversity Intensive Requirement by selecting a course from the list of approved Diversity courses.  Diversity courses explore issues, concerns, and experiences pertaining to human relations across lines of societal or cultural differences specific to the United States. The intent of the Diversity Requirement is to develop understanding, insight, critical thinking and an ethical stance that embody sensitivity to and respect for variations in human perspective and circumstance. 

Students are also required to satisfy an International Intensive Requirement. 

Minor in Diversity in Society

The Liberal Studies major (LSM) is an optional interdisciplinary second major that can be paired with any business degree. Students choosing this major may choose a minor in Diversity and Society which provides students with an understanding of the benefits and challenges associated with working out issues of accommodation, acceptance, and equality for diverse groups. This minor exposes students to a broad range of topics and disciplines, all of which are united by a concern regarding diversity and equality. LSM Requirements for Diversity in Society Minor.

4th Credit Service Learning Courses

Through the Bentley Service–Learning Center, students become mentors and collaborators with area nonprofits and start-ups, using what they learn in the classroom to develop marketing plans, build websites and write grant applications. They can earn academic credit through their efforts, showing potential employers their understanding of how social responsibility plays a key role in the American business world. more than 1,000 students and 100 faculty members  take part annually. This year Bentley students worked with 60 community partners at 80 sites in and around Boston, engaging in projects like:

  • Tutoring Waltham residents in computer skills
  • Working with nonprofit organizations to develop marketing plans, business strategies, sustainability plans, and enhanced IT capabilities
  • Working on a variety of social service projects for school-aged youth, elders, the economically disadvantaged, and individuals whose native language is not English