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Included in the left sidebar are tabs that address important steps in the application process for each study abroad program type. Students are advised to carefully review academic policies, eligibility criteria, and individual application components before making a decision to apply for a study abroad program.

Incoming exchange students, semester and summer abroad students, and International Faculty Led Course and GBE students are all expected to complete an application through Bentley Abroad


Please refer to the following guidelines when accessing Bentley Abroad for the first time:

  • Review program type (semester, summer, domestic, Faculty Led International Course, etc)
  • Review program brochures by clicking on program titles
  • Create an application via the program brochure page by using Bentley CAS credentials
    • Note: You cannot Login before you create an application. After creating an application, students can simply log in to access their individualized application portal.
  • Incoming exchange students receive personalized application instructions via email