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International Education

Summer Programs

Summer study abroad programs offer an opportunity to study at prestigious universities or intern in international organizations outside of the academic year. We encourage students to start their search with our list of Recommended Summer Programs. However, students are welcome to explore External Programs, which will be approved by our office on a case-by-case basis.

Academic Credit for Summer Study Abroad

Bentley Credit

  • The Washington Center
  • EUSA London Summer Internship

Students earn Bentley credits in these programs. Grades are factored into students’ cumulative GPAs.

Course Away Credit

  • All other recommended summer programs
  • All external summer programs

Students earn Course Away credit for most summer study abroad programs. Internships are unpaid but coursework aligned with internships earns Course Away credit and enhances the practical learning experience.

Am I Eligible for Course Away Credit?

Once enrolled at Bentley, students can transfer in up to 10% of their Bentley program through Course Away. Please note: students must complete a minimum of 60 credits at Bentley to meet graduation requirements. Students are responsible for ensuring they understand and adhere to the Course Away credit maximum.

More information about calculating 10% of credits as well as all Course Away policies are on the Academic Services website here.

Application Process

Please see below for more information on the application process