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Bentley Partner Programs allow for studying alongside local and international students at prestigious institutions around the world. The methods of teaching and assessment at foreign universities are significantly different from those in the United States. These programs provide the highest level of academic and cultural immersion and require a great deal of self-sufficiency and independence on the part of students. The support networks reflect the cultural values and style of the host university and do not mirror Bentley's administration.

Bentley Affiliate Programs are administered by highly respected study abroad organizations approved by the university. Students enroll in courses designed for American study abroad participants and typically follow an American model of teaching and assessment. Students may have the option to take some or all courses at foreign universities with local and international peers, in which case teaching and assessment methods are very different from those at American universities.

As a Management major with concentration in Human Resources, studying abroad was a critical component to my undergraduate education. People is the name of the game, and being able to understand others, regardless of the circumstance, is very important for the career I wanted to pursue. During my time abroad, I learned patience, cultural awareness, problem solving and leadership.
Nadine Edwards '15 Semester at Sea, '13
Campus Program Manager, Hubbell

Non-Bentley Programs are run by institutions or organizations with which Bentley University has no formalized agreement. The purpose of a Non-Bentley program is to allow students the opportunity to pursue an offering outside the scope of Bentley's current programs and in a location where Bentley does not offer a program. Participants in non-Bentley programs are subject to the same application and eligibility requirements as students studying abroad on Bentley programs. Students must receive pre-approval in order to participate in a Non-Bentley program and may not receive credit if they do not receive pre-approval. A Non-Bentley Program participant must take a leave of absence from Bentley.

The Washington Center

Bentley offers students the opportunity to study and engage in an internship through The Washington Center (TWC) Semester Program or The Washington Center (TWC) Summer Program in Washington, D.C., if the program supports the student's major and academic pursuits at Bentley. TWC is the largest program of its kind.  It serves hundreds of colleges and universities nationwide and in other countries by providing challenging opportunities to work and learn in the U.S. capital for academic credit.


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