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International Education

Predeparture Process

Congratulations on your acceptance to study abroad on one of Bentley's semester or summer programs!  Below are the next steps as you prepare to study abroad.

1. Attend the mandatory predeparture orientation and program-specific meeting.

2. Submit predeparture materials

  • Accepted students will be asked to submit additional predeparture documents via BentleyAbroad and in hard copy prior to departing.

3. Complete Host Application Requirements

  • After Bentley's application process is complete, most programs abroad will require that students submit additional application materials. While institutions abroad reserve the right to deny student applications, our Bentley screening process aims to ensure that all students who are accepted initially by Bentley will be accepted by their host program.

4. Select Housing Abroad

  • The host application process often includes housing applications. Please click the link above to research different types of housing available abroad, whether your housing is arranged through your program or independently.

5. Obtain Passports and Visas; Prepare all important documents well in advance of departure.

6. Make a Communication Plan

  • It is important that you review information about internet, phones, and other forms of communication, as these may differ from what you are accustomed to.

7. Review Health/Safety guidelines and Academic Policies for study abroad students

Remember, as a Bentley student abroad, you continue to be responsible for following the policies in the Bentley Student Handbook, including the academic integrity policy, judicial code of conduct, and all other Bentley regulations. Upon return to Bentley, students can be held responsible for violations of policy that occur during the study abroad program.