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Diversity Resources for Students Interested in Study Abroad

Bentley University believes that everyone should have equal access to study abroad and our office has a strong interest in increasing diversity amongst study abroad participants. Below are some study abroad resources for students of color, economically disadvantaged students, first generation students, racial and ethnic minorities, and women. We encourage students to review these resources and to work with us in identifying and preparing for potential challenges that students might experience before, during, and after studying abroad.

Diversity Abroad
IES Abroad Diversity Resources 

Study Abroad Resources for Students of Color
Michigan State University MultiCultural Resources
Diversity Abroad: Racial and Ethnic Minority Students Abroad

Study Abroad Resources for Economically Disadvantaged Students
Diversity Abroad: Economically Disadvantaged Students

Study Abroad Resources for First Generation Students
Diversity Abroad: First Generation Students
IES Abroad: Parent Brochure

Study Abroad Resources for Women
Diversity Abroad: Women Abroad

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