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COVID-19 Update

Commencement 2020 will be held later this year. Click here for Commencement info. For all updates, visit:

Coronavirus - Study Abroad Updates

Here you'll find updates on the Cronin Office of International Education’s response to the coronavirus (COVID-19).  As we continue to advise Bentley students abroad as well as those in various stages of the study abroad process, this page will be updated in real time whenever we have more information to share, so please check back frequently.

Frequently Asked Questions

For Spring 2020 Students

How will I finish my courses if I am required to depart or choose to depart early from my study abroad program?

You will receive information directly from your study abroad program or host institution with specifics on how courses will continue remotely. If your host institution does not ultimately offer distance learning and it is impossible to continue the semester from home, Bentley advisors and faculty will work with each student individually to identify how to complete your in-progress coursework to earn Bentley credit. 

Will I be reimbursed for changing my flight home?

Bentley will reimburse one economy class change fee or one economy class return flight for students required by Bentley to return home from a country with a level 3 CDC warning.  For students in any country who return home, Bentley will subsidize one economy change fee or one economy ticket to your home country up to a maximum of $1,500. Send your flight itinerary and your receipt to both your study abroad advisor and to  Receipts are subject to review by Financial Operations and will be processed as soon as possible.    

For Fall 2020, AY 2020-21 Students

Will Fall programs be cancelled?

As of this time, we are proceeding with Fall 2020 and AY 2020-21 programs as planned. Pre-departure orientations and advising appointments will be moved to an online format, and additional accommodations have been made to allow for maximum flexibility in this increasingly uncertain situation (see below for details).

Should I postpone studying abroad until the Spring/following year?

At this time, we do not see the benefit in students transferring to a program in Spring 2021 or the 2021-22 Academic Year; if the situation continues to be so dire that we feel we must cancel Fall 2020 programs, then there’s no certainty that we won’t have to cancel later programs as well. You are of course able to withdraw your application at any time in the process and – in the case of 2021-22 programs – plan to apply again in the future, but we do not necessarily see the benefit in doing so at this time. If you’re still interested in postponing your study abroad program, you should make an appointment with your program’s advisor on BentleyAbroad

When do I have to start paying for my Fall program?

Because of our decision to not require deposits for 2020-21 semester programs, you will not be required to pay Bentley for anything related to study abroad until your Fall 2020 bill appears on your account in July 2020. Certain programs may require earlier payments for housing, but for the most part you have several months before you have to put down any payments. We hope this gives you some flexibility in your planning.

Can I register for courses on-campus in case my program is cancelled?

We know that some of you are on the fence about studying abroad, given the rapidly changing progression of COVID-19.To allow you the flexibility to move forward with your study abroad planning and to maintain a solid academic back-up plan at Bentley, all fall and academic-year study abroad students will be permitted to register for on-campus Bentley courses while remaining enrolled in your study abroad program.You will receive registration info from the Registrar per usual.

Can I choose on-campus housing for next year in case my program is cancelled?

At this time, the housing selection process for the 2020-2021 academic year is underway. All students have received their housing selection time, and housing selection starts on Tuesday, March 17th. At this time, we are unable to add students to the housing selection process. However, if programs are canceled or if you decide to withdraw on your own volition, we will work with you to secure fall housing over the summer. The Residential Center will have a better idea of housing assignments after Thursday, June 18th. Please e-mail the Residential Center at to request housing if you decide to return to Bentley in the fall.

Should I be moving forward with the pre-departure steps on BentleyAbroad and in my Program Roadmap?

Yes, please follow your Program Roadmap and pay close attention to your (now online) Program Meeting to know what steps you should be taking to prepare for your program in the fall. If you have questions about your program specifics, please reach out to your study abroad advisor.


Here is all the communication we've sent out to students about COVID-19 and its effects on their programs. Please check back frequently to make sure you haven't missed any important information, as this page will continue to be updated in real time.