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International Education


Prepare for Takeoff Podcast

A podcast to help prepare you for studying abroad


Episode 1: Expectations vs. Reality

Peer Advisors discuss their perceptions of abroad and the realities they experienced. Not every day can be an Instagram post, but the experience is worth every minute!

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Episode 2: Language Abroad

Studying abroad in a non-English speaking country can be challenging but also rewarding. Hear peer advisors talk about their experience and the importance of language learning.

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Episode 3: Things I Wish I Knew Before I Went Abroad

Peer Advisors discuss what surprised them the most about studying abroad, and what they wish they knew looking back.

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Episode 4: Identity Abroad

A discussion about how your identity can impact your experience abroad. Two peer advisors speak to what it is like as a student of color studying abroad.

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About the podcast

Founding Producer, Sarah Barsch '19

Prepare for Takeoff is a podcast created by the Office of International Education to help prepare you for studying abroad. Join Study Abroad Advisor, Laura Bentley, as she talks with Bentley peer advisors about their study abroad experience and offer tips to help you be successful abroad. Think of this as your Pre-Departure 2.0!