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Bentley 2030

A Community-Driven Process to Define our Future

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For more than a century, Bentley University has been reinventing business education to meet the needs of the evolving global marketplace. Innovation and reinvention are part of Bentley’s DNA, and it’s time for our community to come together to articulate a vision for the next decade that reflects the opportunities and challenges we’re facing.

Over the 2021-22 academic year, Bentley will implement a strategic positioning process to define our university's next chapter. The process will be informed by the Reinventing Business Education: A Future of Leadership plan that our community came together to build in 2018, but it will also consider our place as a transformative business university in the current moment. Higher education is evolving, and the disruptions and competitive challenges in our marketplace afford us new opportunities to more effectively serve our students and support our most important stakeholders.

This strategic positioning process will rely on the thoughtful participation and engagement of our students, faculty, staff, trustees and alumni to position Bentley for continued success. The process will focus on four strategic priorities:

A steering committee will provide guidance and oversight

Strategic Positioning Process Resources and Exercises

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Community Engagement Session Data

To help guide the efforts of Bentley's Strategic Positioning Process, a SharePoint site has been created to allow the community to easily view the feedback, input and ideas generated from community engagement sessions. New data and feedback will be posted in the document libraries below following each community engagement session.

Access the SharePoint Site

We Want to Hear from You!

Planning for Bentley's future success takes the work and thoughtful input of all our community members. 

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