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Law and Taxation

Regardless of the industry or profession, a clear understanding of the principles of law and taxation is crucial to succeeding in today's complex business world. Our distinctive curriculum uses hands-on research and practice to prepare you to think critically and with a moral compass. With faculty from a diverse array of industries, you'll learn the invaluable assets needed to emerge into the leader of tomorrow. Whether at the undergraduate or graduate level, the Department of Law and Taxation is here to support your growth and provide a tangible understanding of complex systems and theories.

Associate Professor Liz Brown

Liz Brown - Capeless Crusaders: The Business of Doing Good

Liz Brown wants Bentley students to know that true heroes don’t always wear capes. In fact, when it comes to implementing sustainability solutions that benefit people and the planet, today’s heroes are increasingly likely to wear business suits. 

Last fall, the associate professor of Law offered an innovative pilot course emphasizing how business leaders have the power to change the world. Appropriately titled “Heroes and CEOs,” it was inspired by Brown’s involvement in a series of pop-up panels offered on campus the previous year.  

The panels, which addressed pressing topics such as America’s opioid epidemic and e-cigarette use, brought together faculty members from multiple disciplines to share insights about each topic from their respective areas of expertise. “These events not only provided an opportunity to explore of-the-moment issues our students care about,” Brown explains, “but allowed us to do so in a holistic way, offering a variety of perspectives to enhance their knowledge and understanding.”  

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Annette Choy

A Wrongful Eye

Bentley students all take the required courses, GB110 Legal and Ethical Environment of Business. The course inspires many students to pursue a Law Minor. Annette Choy ’22 (pictured above) is one such student. Annette’s further law study sparked an interest in racial profiling in the U.S. court system. At the beginning of the Covid-19 quarantine, Annette watched the Netflix documentary, The Innocence Files. Then, after a Minneapolis police officer murdered George’s Floyd’s in May 2020, Annette decided that the time had come for her to take some action.

Annette began to collect stories of wrongful convictions. Over the summer, she had the opportunity to speak with exonerees Huwe Burton and Patrick Pursley, two individuals whose strength inspired Annette to share their stories. Annette found so much power in the many stores she read, watched and listened to that she connected with a publishing company, with the hope that publishing the stories would shine a light on the many flaws within our justice system. Annette’s book, A Wrongful Eye, will share the stories of ten wrongfully convicted individuals, as well as discuss the issues of unconscious bias, racial bias, faulty forensic techniques, perjury, and official misconduct within the U.S. criminal justice system. New Degree Press will publish A Wrongful Eye in April 2021.

2021 Moot Court - Amanda Shoemaker and Sally Kim

Moot Court Updates

In January 2021, the Bentley team of Sally Kim ’22 and Amanda Shoemaker ‘21 (pictured above) were awarded 3d place nationally in brief writing, coming close to repeating their January 2020 American Collegiate Moot Court Association (ACMA) national championship in the respondents’ brief writing competition.

Bentley’s 2020-21 Moot Court Program is ranked 4th nationally. Co-Captains’ Seniors Amanda Shoemaker and Griffin Ferrara, along with eight other students, formed five undergraduate moot court teams in fall ACMA tournaments. Both regional and national tournaments engage students in legal analysis relating to simulated case problems on constitutional topics. ACMA tournaments take place across North America and engage several hundred teams from a wide range of colleges and universities.

In the November 2020 ACMA Eastern Regional Tournament, two Bentley teams were seeded in first place (Griffin Ferrara and Bella Burrell ’22) and in second place (Amanda Shoemaker and Sally Kim ’23) out of a field of 50 teams. In the same tournament, Bella Burrell received the top orator award. She attained the highest individual score of all 100 student orators in the competition.

In 2020-2021, the five Bentley teams that competed in ACMA competition were:

Amanda Shoemaker ’21 (Co-Captain) and Sally Kim ‘22
Griffin Ferrara ’21 (Co-Captain) and Bella Burrell ‘22
Caitlin Walsh ‘21 and Kimiya Kim ‘23
Greg Umansky ‘22 and Johnny Koczela ‘23
Ian Mail ‘23 and Sterling Rosen ‘24

The Bentley Moot Court program is coached by Franklyn P. Salimbene, JD, LLM, Senior Lecturer in Law, assisted by Bentley Moot Team alum Will Manning ’14.


Marianne DelPo Kulow
Department Chair
Morison 286


David Missirian
Law Minor Adviser
Morison 273


Kiana Pierre-Louis
GB 110 Course Coordinator and Pre-Law Adviser
Morison 281


Anthony Smith
Adamian Law Club Adviser
Morison 280 



Darlene Saunders 
Senior Academic Coordinator
Morison 109 


Timothy Tierney
Director of Graduate Program in Taxation
Morison 272


Franklyn Salimbene
Moot Court Adviser
Morison 328