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Diversity and Global Cultures

Susan Adams

Professor Susan Adams studies careers of women and prominent leaders, organizational change and gender equality. She and Bentley colleagues, Patricia Flynn and Toni Wolfman, share an instructive, strategic model for placing more women on corporate boards in the Journal of Management Inquiry (“Orchestrating the demise of all male boards”, April, 2015). In another proscriptive, action-oriented article, “Breaking Down Barriers,” (Handbook of Gendered Careers: Getting In, Getting On, Getting Out, Eds., Adelina Broadbridge and Sandra Fielden, 2015), Professor Adams reviews women’s career barriers and change models that can be employed to advance more women to leadership positions. A study about the gender wage gap that she conducted with Bentley colleagues John Leeth and Atul Gupta (Gender in Management: An International Journal, 25(5), 366-385, 2010) extends the conversation regarding the complexity of the gender wage gap by examining the relationship between gender-dominated industries and salaries by gender.


Nader Asgary

Professor Nader Asgary’s scholarly activities focus on international business, ethics, and economics. He is co-author of the paper entitled “A Cost-Benefit Analysis of an International Dual-Degree Program", Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management, Volume 30, Issue, 2, p. 1-7.  Also he is co-author of the paper entitled “Toward a Model for International Business Ethics,” Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 36, No. 3, 239-247.  Additionally, he is co-author of the forthcoming paper “Archaeological Tourism in the Middle East: a Community-Based Resource Management Model” in the Middle East Journal of Management.  He is the founder and President of CYRUS Institute of Knowledge (CIK), which is an educational, scientific, non-profit, nonpartisan, and secular organization focusing on creating an intellectual atmosphere for scholars and practitioners to engage in educational activity related to Middle East, Central Asia, and North Africa.  


Iris Berdrow

Professor Iris Berdrow’s work focuses on inter-cultural management practices.  Her specific research interests are in developing inter-cultural competencies, and pedagogies designed to effectively prepare students for inter-cultural work environments.  She has also worked in the areas of global innovation practices, cross cultural knowledge transfer and international joint ventures.  She was a member of the Carolyn Dexter Award winning team for “Scientific Mindfulness: A Foundation for Future Themes in International Business.”  Her teaching case “ The Monte Lauro Vineyards Story” received highly commended mention for outstanding quality from the 2013 EFMD Case Writing Competition.  Her latest work with Dr. Allan Bird of Northeastern University develops a model for assessment and development of intercultural effectiveness, and presents results from a 5 year longitudinal study of undergraduate intercultural effectiveness.


Donna Blancero

Professor Donna Blancero’s work focuses on the challenges and successes of Latino business professionals.  Her goals are to help organizations recruit, retain and effectively reward their Hispanic talent, and to assist Latino business professionals better understand the national landscape.  In a recent chapter in Latinas y Latinos in the United States: 21st Century Dynamics of Multiculturalism, (Ed. M. Urbina, Charles C. Thomas Publisher), she and her colleague Jill Cruz provide a framework for Latino career success.  The framework focuses particularly on how factors associated with the Hispanic acculturation experience may uniquely affect Latinos in their professional roles.  With this framework in mind, organizational leaders and decision-makers can better support Hispanics in achieving more successful and satisfying careers.


Marcy Crary

Professor Marcy Crary’s scholarly work focuses on diversity issues in the workplace and in the classroom. Her working paper, “Working from dominant identity positions: Reflections/Learnings from narratives about cross-race work relationships from ‘diversity-aware’ white people,” explores themes from interviews with white women and men about how they develop useful strategies and perspectives for more authentic engagement in their cross race work relationships.  She and her colleagues, Ruth Bernstein, Diana Bilimoria and Donna Maria Blancero have written a chapter for the Oxford Handbook on Diversity in Organizations (2015), “Reflections on Diversity and Inclusion Practices at the Organizational, Group, and Individual Levels.” This chapter explores research on diversity and inclusion practices at the organizational, group and individual levels that may engender a diversity dividend. She is also interested in research on transitions in the “third phase” of life and is a member of a retirement research project that will examine the experiences and identity changes of individuals as they go through different stages of the retirement process.


Pat Flynn

Professor Patricia Flynn’s scholarly activities focus on corporate governance, the innovation economy, and gender equality. With Bentley colleagues Susan Adams and Toni Wolfman, she co-authors The Boston Club’s annual Census of Women Directors and Executive Officers of MA Public Companies. Her most recent article in the governance area is “Orchestrating the Demise of All-Male Boards,” in the Journal of Management Inquiry, (April 2015). In her role as co-chair of the Working Group on Gender Equality for the UN’s Principles for Management Education (PRME), she is currently co-editing two books to be published by Greenleaf Publishing, Inc. (UK):  Integrating Gender Equality into Management Education, and Overcoming Challenges to Gender Equality in the Workplace.



Diane Kellogg

Professor Diane Kellogg’s scholarship focusing on public-private partnerships (PPPs) engaged in large-scale social change is an extension of her career-long interest in leadership and organization change. Her field-based research analyzes the management challenges of addressing sanitation issues of the urban poor.  She is currently the program evaluator for a PPP funded by the Dutch government that intends to install more private toilets in homes in Accra, Ghana.  She initiated The Ghana Project at Bentley which introduces students to the potential for private business to address social problems.   Her chapter in Socially Responsive  Organizations and the Challenge of Poverty (Gudic, Rosenbloom and Parkes, 2014) is titled “Partners in Learning on the Front Lines of Poverty” and analyzes approaches to educating and motivating business students to not only think about issues of poverty and inequality but to take action.  


George Marron

Professor George Marron’s research interests focus on the ever changing workplace. This includes the generational differences in the workforce and how they impact Work/Family/Life Issues. Another area of interest includes workforce diversity issues especially as they impact Hispanic business professionals. A recent (2012) example of this is a book chapter titled Evolving Perceptions of Work/Family/Life and the Impact of Hispanics and Millennials. This appeared In Donna Maria Blancero and Robert G. DelCampo (Eds.), “Hispanics At Work: A Collection of Research, Theory & Application”.


Marcus Stewart

Professor Marcus Stewart’s research expertise includes leadership, teams, cross-cultural skill development, diversity and social justice. His current work includes examinations of how retail store performance is influenced by employee and community racial diversity, and how sex and race discrimination lawsuits filed against S&P 500 firms influences board of director sex and race diversity. A recently published study in the Journal of Management, Spirituality and Religion examines discriminatory attitudes toward Muslim job applicants and co-workers. Emerging work in Professor Stewart’s research pipeline includes tests of post-M&A perceptions of senior and supervisory leadership across male and female employees, how individual differences such as goal orientation impact leader and cross-cultural skill development, and at the organization level of analysis, how participation in the SBA’s 8a program influences strategic decision making and subsequent firm performance.