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Leadership and Change

Susan Adams

Professor Susan Adams studies careers of women and prominent leaders, organizational change and gender equality. She and Bentley colleagues Patricia Flynn and Toni Wolfman share an instructive, strategic model for placing more women on corporate boards in the Journal of Management Inquiry (“Orchestrating the demise of all male boards”, April, 2015). In another proscriptive, action-oriented article, “Breaking Down Barriers,” (Handbook of Gendered Careers: Getting In, Getting On, Getting Out, Eds., Adelina Broadbridge and Sandra Fielden, 2015), Professor Adams reviews women’s career barriers and change models that can be employed to advance more women to leadership positions.


Tony Buono

Professor Tony Buono studies inter-organizational strategy, organizational change, management consulting, and ethics and social responsibility. He is editor of the Research in Management Consulting book series (Information Age Publishing), which he launched in 2001. His most recent volume is Facilitating Socio-Economic Intervention in Organizations (IAP, 2014), which examines the challenges and opportunities of a holistic intervention framework for enhancing organizational performance. A recent journal article also examines “Internal Consultants as Change Agents” (Organization Development Journal, 2014, 32 (2), 35-53).  He is working on another edited volume in his RMC series, Consultation for Organizational Change Revisited (IAP, in press).


Diane Kellogg

Professor Diane Kellogg’s scholarship focusing on public-private partnerships (PPPs) engaged in large-scale social change is an extension of her career-long interest in leadership and organization change. Her field-based research analyzes the management challenges of addressing sanitation issues of the urban poor.  She is currently the program evaluator for a PPP funded by the Dutch government that intends to install more private toilets in homes in Accra, Ghana.  She initiated The Ghana Project at Bentley which introduces students to the potential for private business to address social problems.   Her chapter in Socially Responsive  Organizations and the Challenge of Poverty (Gudic, Rosenbloom and Parkes, 2014) is titled “Partners in Learning on the Front Lines of Poverty” and analyzes approaches to educating and motivating business students to not only think about issues of poverty and inequality but to take action.  


Jeff Shuman

Professor Jeff Shuman’s work focuses on collaboration, strategic alliances, and partnerships. He has conducted innovative research and       engaged in hands-on work with government agencies and major global corporations including numerous Fortune 100 companies helping them to develop the capability to collaborate successfully. He has made dozens of conference presentations on alliance and collaboration management and written numerous articles and whitepapers for practitioner focused publications.  He has developed and applied methodologies and measurement tools in large, complex organizations in the life sciences and medical devices, information technology, international economic development, high-tech manufacturing, and consumer goods and logistics. He is a member of the team that created the first alliance management professional certification and is a leader in the only alliance management professional organization.


Marcus Stewart

Professor Stewart’s research expertise includes leadership, teams, cross-cultural skill development, diversity and social justice. Emerging work in Professor Stewart’s research pipeline includes tests of post-M&A perceptions of senior and supervisory leadership across male and female employees, how individual differences such as goal orientation impact leader and cross-cultural skill development, and at the organization level of analysis, how participation in the SBA’s 8a program influences strategic decision making and subsequent firm performance.


Joe Weiss

Professor Weiss’s work focuses on leadership, business ethics, technology and change management. His books on Leadership (Bridgepoint Education, 2011, 2nd edition forthcoming, 2015) and Change Management (2011, Bridgepoint Education, 2nd ed. forthcoming 2015) introduce and integrate research with teaching and consulting frameworks in these fields.