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Graduate Open House - October 24, 2021

Meet faculty, tour the campus, get scholarship advice, and enter to win a free class (valued up to $5,275*). Register!

Featured Faculty: Roland Hubscher


egupp_Roland HubscherRoland Hubscher’s main teaching interests are intelligent user interfaces and user experience design; in his research, he collaborates with colleagues from educational psychology, physics, and computer science. He enjoys working with Bentley students from a wide range of backgrounds who are looking to make the world a better place through design.

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How did you get started teaching in the graduate HFID program?

I used to teach the same types of courses in a computer science department and followed my wife from the Deep South to New England.

What excites you about the research you’re working on now?

It combines all the fields that I have been excited about since I started in academia, combining highly technical topics in computer science and AI with the needs of people.

What are the top professions this degree program will prepare students for?

User experience designer, user experience researcher, user experience generalist. By “top” I picked the ones I think are the most interesting ones that focuses on what I teach.

What educational background will be most helpful to students coming into your program?

It doesn’t matter. However, they must be genuinely interested in making the world a better place through design. 

What’s your favorite thing about working with Bentley graduate students?

Each and every one of our HFID students brings something that the other students and I can learn from.

What was your first job after grad school?

I was a postdoctoral fellow at Georgia Tech in an institute focusing on educational technology.